Kenneth 2013

Kenneth's life is not going according to plan, he's just been fired from his job, a strange creature that only he can see has sinister plans for him, his girlfriend Kim is acting really strangely, and she's not crazy about Kenneth's new best friend, Peter, a tramp who's on the run from the army! Kenneth will have to battle with his new friend, his malevolent monster, his ex-boss, the police and his own troubled psyche before this story reaches its sweet and curious conclusion.

Land of Hypocrisy 1968

A man who is struggling with life's daily problems , especially his troublesome wife , accidently runs into a man who makes bills that change human behavior and his life changes.

Man in Phone 2015

A Japanese man mysteriously wakes up inside of his phone and is forced to confront the destruction his addiction to technology has wreaked on his life.

The Legend of the Crabe-Phare 2015

The Crabe-Phare is a legendary crustacean. He captures the lost sailors' boats to add them to his collection. But the crab is getting old, and it is more and more difficult for him to build his collection.

Ghost in the House 1988

A college professor and his wife moves into a house inhabited by the ghost of his friend's grandfather's concubine. The ghost is trying to locate the ghost of her dear husband while trying to communicate with the house's new owners.

The Night Is Ours 2014

Tomboy Morgan is tortured by the sudden death of her best friend Olivia. At her wake, Olivia mysteriously comes back to life, and the two escape on a reckless road trip that takes them past the boundaries of friendship and into a dark and uncertain future.

The Carnivore 2016

After being found by extraterrestrial beings, a survivor of a mysterious incident that decimated part of the human race tries to make sense of the events that led Earth to its tragic fate. Composed entirely of public domain found footage material, the film is an adaptation of the science fiction short story “The Carnivore”, by Katherine MacLean.

BenD 2012

Ben (Colm Kearns) finds himself out of sync with reality, unable to function day to day or sleep in any regular pattern, after suffering a bizarre car accident. In the empty quiet night, Ben finds company in Elizabeth (Aisling Lynch), a lost and fragile woman, in search of her missing husband, and crosses path with a mysterious misfit from the world of the dead on a mission of his own. As Ben pieces together these strange circumstances, he soon realises that there are forces in the night of great danger to him and that his darkest nightmares may be coming true.

The Listing 2015

An invisible malevolent entity impatiently waits for a family to haunt in this expertly wound and spooky jack-in-the-box of a horror short.

Trying Not To Explode 2015

A short film about the aftermath of a spontaneous human combustion. Based on the short story 'Blowing Up On The Spot' by Kevin Wilson.

Bite Club

Set in current Brisbane, Australia. A world where supernaturals have de-evolved and have become more humanized to blend in with the human dominated world. They have forgotten their true nature and lost all their strengths and instincts. There are only a rare few who have not forgotten. They hide in the shadows. There are also the human task force called The Eradication Task Force (or E.T.F for short) whose primary tasks are to control and eliminate all out of control/rogue supernaturals.

Invisible Eyes 2009

After a glamorous career as a successful model, Gaby must start a new life, away from the catwalk and the limelight. But she cannot bring herself to accept that the peak of her career is now behind her. In an effort to lift her spirits, Dan, her manager, lets her spend a week in his country house. Very quickly, Gaby starts to feel a strange presence in the house. She has the eerie sensation of being watched. Dan suspects that her fear of becoming invisible to the world may be driving her mad.

Nobuko Rides on a Cloud 1955

A little girl who falls into a lake and is saved by a god who then takes her up to the clouds and shows her what the world was like before she was born and what the world would be like if she where never born. While in the clouds she meets her grandparents and a few other people she loved who have passed on.

Judgement Tavern 2016

Judgment Tavern tells the story of Lucia, a young girl carrying her father's living head as they search for his fleeing body. On a cold dark night, they take shelter in a small village tavern - where a mysterious stranger with unfinished business is waiting.

The Milky Life 1993

Retired billionaire, Rooney, feels his family loves only his money and not him. He plans to live as an adult baby with his wet nurse, Sagebrecht. When thieves break into his mansion and hit him on the head, he starts to grow younger.