Hot Bubblegum 1981

Momo and Yudale take turns mounting Bentzi's foreign buxom cousin, but Yudale and her get stuck together. Momo raises the bar even further by proving the rumors of an accepting older buxom piano tutor, Fritzi. Bentzi looks for love.

Bubble Gang 1995

Bubble Gang is a Philippine comedy sketch gag show airing on GMA Network since October 20, 1995. It is the longest-running sketch comedy program on Philippine television. The show shot up to popularity for their parodies of television commercials, politicians and current events. The show also airs internationally via GMA Pinoy TV, while re-runs are aired via Fox Filipino.

The Bubble 2001

It's the glittering 80s, and Japan's bubble economy is in full swing. There is a fortune to be made for those who have the brains, determination and pure luck. Tetsuya and Tomoyo are two ordinary, but ambitious people in their prime who have chosen to take part in the money game. They hook up with self-made billionaire Okitsu, who guides them through the "Bubble." A master of the game, Okitsu plays for revenge, not money. He conspires to destroy Kurihara, a ruthless financier whose sole weakness is his only daughter. The plot twists amid a complex web mired in greed, desire and dreams. Spinning with intrigue, the ultimate game of wits has begun for stakes too deadly to imagine.

The Bubble 2010

The Bubble is a British television quiz show hosted by David Mitchell, and made for the BBC by Hat Trick Productions. Each week, three comedians were tasked to differentiate real news stories from fake ones, after four days of isolation in 'The Bubble', a remote country house. A first series was broadcast on BBC Two from 19 February 2010, running for six episodes. A second series was planned but later abandoned due to David Mitchell's commitments on the Channel 4 series 10 O'Clock Live.

Bubble Up Video

Bubble Up Video is an AAG Geo TV program filler which shows popped up bubble slides - called "info nuggets" throughout the music video. These slides contain information, facts & figures related to the making of the music video, the band, artists, places etc. The scripting of the pop up slides is done by Samia Baleegh & Ali Tim whereas it is edited by Baqir Rafiq using Adobe Final Cut Pro.

Band in a Bubble 2007

Band in a Bubble was a TV show that consists of round-the-clock live broadcasting, during which a band spends an extended period of time inside a "bubble," writing and recording an album. The Band in a Bubble concept was created by Paul Curtis, a band manager, tour promoter, owner of Valve Records, and visual artist based in Australia. The concept was developed in conjunction with Australian rock band Regurgitator and XYZ Networks.

Splash and Bubbles 2016

When a yellow fusilier fish settles down in a cozy coral reef town, he introduces the town's sheltered residents, including a Mandarin dragonet fish who quickly becomes his friend, to the amazing places and creatures beyond the town's walls.

Bubblegum Crash 1991

The saga of the Knight Sabers continues as the group tries to find out who or what is behind the recent string of robberies, murders, and Boomer malfunctions which are somehow related to the creation of an advanced artificial intelligence. Furthermore, it seems that the Knight Sabers may be breaking up.

Bubblegum Crisis 1987

In the near future, Tokyo was left flattened as a result from a great earthquake. A new city, MegaTokyo, was then recreated due in no small part from the aid of a multi-million dollar company, Genom Corp. Genom created and mass-produced biomechanical creatures called Boomers to aid in the restoration of MegaTokyo. When the Boomers began to run out of control, the ADPolice at first tried to stop them, but they proved to be far more difficult to deal with than was first imagined. Under the ever looming Boomer threat, a group of four girls from varying degrees of society banded together. Calling themselves The Knight Sabers, they were the only ones with enough firepower and resourcefullness to defend the fledgling MegaTokyo from Genom and it's berserk Boomers.

Bubblegum 2015

Four people whose lives revolve around a hospital and a radio station become close and work out their various problems together.

Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 1998

Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 is a Japanese anime series produced by Anime International Company and funded by ADV Films. A retelling of the 1987 original video animation Bubblegum Crisis, the series premiered on TV Tokyo on October 8, 1998 where it ran for 26 episodes until its conclusion on March 31, 1999. Toshiba EMI released the episodes on both VHS and Laserdisc across 13 volumes, each containing two episodes. The first volume was released on January 21, 1999; the final volume was released July 26, 2000. The series was later released on DVD, however the Japanese versions were simply the American DVD releases encoded to play for Region 2. Set in 2039-2040.

Jao Sao Rim Tang 2010

Nang’ek played by “Poo” Praiya Suandokmai is an out of luck, poor, orphan girl raised by her money-hungry foster mom (Apiradee Pawaputanon), who has a spoiled brat daughter played by “Mint” Nawinda Bertotti. Her foster mom also has a no-good, rapist wannabe boyfriend played by Tharathip Seehadetrungchai (yea, I don’t know who that is), who on occasion will try to assault our nang’ek Rasa. Our nang’ek is the ultimate “nangfah (angel)”, she is a diligent worker–values education, values hard-work, kind to others, innocent, virginal, not too shabby on the eyes. Though they treat her as an ATM machine, she refuses to abandon her makeshift, foster family because she feels indebted to them. Soon after her mother passed away so did her father, her foster mother took her in when she had no one to turn to. She feels a moral obligation to her evil foster mom who on many occasions will abuse and take advantage of her. Essentially our nang’ek will be a weak, kindhearted, idiot with spunk. As for our pra’ek Akrin, played by ‘Stefan’ Tasit Sinkanawiwat, he is described as a good-looking, rich playboy with charm. He is a heir to a well-known fitness complex called M Fitness. Akrin sees women has a plaything and love as a game. His grandfather Amnat (Khun Suchao Pongwilai) is fed up with his immature, careless, insincere lifestyle and wants him to get married. If he doesn’t get marry by a certain time, he won’t inherit M Fitness. It will be given to his competitive sister Ornuma (Prae Amery) who also has to get marry if she wants to inherit the family business. As the the marriage deadline slowly approaches and he doesn’t like any of his potential brides, Akrin decides to hire someone as his bride. He hires Rasa, the girl he likes and the only girl in Thailand who has the audacity to reject him every time he makes a move on her. Their marriage will be a sham, it will be for on year and he will pay her 2 million baht ($66,766 USD) total. He will give her 1 million baht at the beginning of their marriage and 1 million baht at the end of their marriage. Rasa accept his offer because she needs the money. Around that time, her foster mother finds herself in the hospital and needs immediate surgery. Thus this is how their life together begins through a fake marriage.

A. D. Police Files 1990

MegaTokyo, 2027. Relentless technological development has resulted in the creation of Boomers, artificially intelligent androids with the potential to free mankind from physical labor; but anything that can be used can also be misused.

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