Backyard 2018

The experimental short film deconstructs and reconstructs copies of the photograph of a Syrian cactus field projected on a wall in a flat in a Berlin backyard. In autumn 1998, near his home in the southwest of Damascus, Khaled Abdulwahed took a landscape photograph of a cactus field on a 35mm chrome film. The old cactus fields in that area link the city with the countryside. Cacti grow all over the Middle East and are used for their fruits and as borders between houses and villages. The thorny, tough plant is also a symbol of resilience. The cactus field in Khaled’s film “backyard” consisted of 500,000 square-yards that belonged to farmers, who used to sell their cacP fruits every summer in the streets of Damascus. In the summer of 2012, the cactus fields were destroyed during the uprising, and the war started to form a new landscape. Khaled's picture on the film was damaged and lost, but he still had a scan of the photography-film.

Backyard 2010

A guy called Árni got the idea of gathering a few bands together in his backyard to do some live recording. He filled his little shack with equipment and prayed for good weather. Then he invited all of his neighbours, made them pizza, cupcakes and pancakes and treated them with some of the most exciting Icelandic musicians of their generation. While he was at it, another guy called Árni filmed the whole thing and the result is this beautiful documentary that provides a unique look at the culture and diverse music scene of modern day Reykjavík, Iceland.

Backyard 1984

Documentary film maker Ross McElwee returns to his family home in Charlotte NC. In filming his family, he captures a microcosm of Southern society.


A middle-aged couple are minding their own business when a wormhole to another dimension opens in their backyard and changes their lives.

Backyard Wedding 2010

The film centers on Kim Tyler, who is set to have the wedding of her dreams in her parents' backyard, but her ex-husband and first love, whose parents happen to live next door, keeps popping up.

Backyard 2009

An astonishing fictional account of the unending series of murders of young women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, which began in 1996. Most of the victims are low-paid laborers who have been drawn to the town by the possibility of work at American-owned factories. In the film Mexican police officer Blanca Bravo is sent to Cuidad Juarez to investigate and comes to learn realities of these women's lives, as well as the truth about a police force and local power structure embodied by entrepreneur Mickey Santos that has ceased to care.

The Backyard 2002

Lightbulbs, fire, barbed wire, mousetraps, staple guns, thumbtacks and glass are weapons of choice in The Backyard. This undercover documentary takes you deep into the controversial arena of backyard wrestling where the limits are constantly being tested...and broken. The Backyard follows several backyard wrestlers in different countries as they pursue their dream to become professional wrestlers.

Backyard Ashes 2013

Dougie Waters loves nothing more than a weekend barbie and cricket match with his mates. But his paradise on earth is destroyed when his best mate and neighbour Norm is forced to leave town and their new boss, a pompous English administrator called Edward Lords, moves in. The animosity between the two men peaks during one fateful backyard cricket match when Dougie hits a ball that accidentally stuns Edward's prize winning cat, Dexter. The cat falls into the roaring BBQ and is instantly incinerated, leaving only ashes. Dougie's son captures footage of the unfortunate event on camera and it is uploaded onto YouTube where the video instantly goes viral! The idea of a backyard cricketing challenge is hatched, with the winner keeping the ashes of Edward's deceased cat, Dexter. The two teams battle it out in the greatest game of backyard cricket ever for the Backyard Ashes.

The Backyard 1920

Jimmy Aubrey lets the kids in the alley shoot arrows at him. After he grows tired of this, he treats them like satchels to get them out of his way. A policeman shows up and he is terrified; later, disguised as a policeman, he encounters Oliver Hardy, who is in brutal mode here.

Gracie's Backyard 2017

A documentary film that offers a candid look into the daily life of the world’s northernmost commercial permaculture farm through the eyes of the people who live and work there. Located at 59°N in rural Sweden, Ridgedale Permaculture is a 10-hectare farm that integrates several enterprises while offering an example of how holistic design can help pave the way to a new model of food production that is small-scale, profitable and regenerative for the land.

Insects in the Backyard 2011

In the absence of their parents, Johnny and Jennifer are being brought up by their "big sister" Tanya, an overdressed transvestite who eats and smokes too much and causes both kids endless embarrassment. It's a situation ripe for problems (actually, more complicated than I've made it sound), and Tanwarin's debut feature - as director, writer and star - explores those problems with unbridled determination. Both kids mess up their pursuit of romance, in the ways that teenagers do, and both look for ways to break away from the family home and become independent. For Johnny, this entails going into male prostitution, which is as much an attempt to erase his own self-esteem as a way of earning some fast bucks. Jenny makes other mistakes, but both of them wind up deeply dissatisfied. And Tanya? When Johnny catches her trying to seduce one of his buddies, things start to go downhill for her too.

Backyard Beginnings

"It's amazing what we can experience when we get involved with nature", and Raven nut Rick Boufford shows you how it can begin right in your own backyard. In "Backyard Beginnings" Rick uses his unique relationship and love of nature to share his secret to a "happy life."

Backyard Blockbusters 2012

For years, people have been making home movies, many times using pop culture properties that they may not own, but love. In recent years, these types of projects have come to be known as "fanfilms". Backyard Blockbusters looks at the history and influence of the fanfilm genre, as well as the copyright and fair use problems these films create, featuring highlights from and interviews with the creators of many popular films.

Backyard Dogs 2001

Two teenage boys aspire to win a backyard wrestling championship and a chance to appear on a national TV show.

Backyard Wrestler 2010

Two redneck friends join forces to pursue their dream of making it into pro wrestling. Golden Graham, the mullet-headed manager, tries to push Paul a.k.a Big Thing, into the wrestling spotlight. In this comedic gem, going for your dreams hurts a little sometimes.

Backyard stories 2006

The Norwegian animated film “Backyard Stories” shows how the childrens game “Refuge Reception Center” becomes sad reality for one of the players

Magic Backyard

A ho-hum day turns into an extraordinary adventure when two kids find their own backyard is full of magical surprises.

The Backyard Front 1941

Part of BFI boxset Ration Books and Rabbit Pies: Films from the Home Front.

In Our Backyard 2009

An expose on the polluted industrial towns surrounding the St. Louis area, and their connections to a well known chemical company known as Monsanto.

Backyard Blitz 2000

Backyard Blitz was an Logie Award winning Australian lifestyle and DIY television program that aired on the Nine Network between 2000 through to 2007 before its cancellation. It was hosted by Jamie Durie and was produced by Don Burke. The show featured a very similar premise to the show Ground Force, in which a team of gardeners employed by the show descend on a supposedly worthy individual's place and improve the garden for the cameras within a specified time limit. This similarity in fact led to legal action being taken by the rival Seven Network who at the time was set to debut an Australian version of Ground Force. The show like many of its other lifestyle brethren was mainly watched by older viewers and was widely derided by younger viewers and television critics. However it was a strong ratings performer. On 14 November 2006 Backyard Blitz was axed by the Nine Network after seven years on air. Don Burke, whose own show Burke's Backyard was broadcast by Nine for nearly 18 years before it was axed in 2004, said his production company was "quite shocked by this decision". In mid-2007 Nine aired the six remaining unaired episodes that were filmed before the show was cancelled. In 2008, it aired a spin-off show Domestic Blitz hosted by Shelley Craft and Scott Cam

Burke's Backyard 1987

Burke's Backyard is an Australian gardening and lifestyle programme presented by Don Burke, broadcast on both radio and television. On television, it was a regular weekly series on the Nine Network from 1987 to 2004.

Our Backyard

Our Backyard was a series for pre-school children which aired at lunchtime on ITV from August 1984 until January 1987.It was produced by Granada Television. The format was simple. The programme revolved around a fictional family consisting of drama teacher Jean Burston, her real life three-year old daughter Laura Burston and actor Peter Lorenzelli as the father figure. Jean would usually take the educational lead while Peter was the comic relief and Laura's job was basically just to be cute, although whether scripted or otherwise she managed to infuriate her mother on several occasions. Songs of an educational nature, usually with a rock beat, were provided by The Band Next Door, similar in line-up to Rod, Jane and Freddy but with rock instruments and a more contemporary look than the Rainbow trio's long hair and colour co-ordinated dungaree outfits. A short puppet sketch featuring elderly neighbours Boris and Doris Macaroni would be featured about halfway into the episode, the two being "foreign" stereotypes speaking broken English in strong European accents. Beside the songs and the puppetry scenes, the series also featured stories read by Jean, with Peter play acting along with Jean's narration in an attempt to keep Laura amused, and Laura getting up to mischief with gardenening equipment, such as watering cans, wheelbarrows, sprinklers, porch lights and suchlike.

Backyard Habitat 2005

Backyard Habitat is an American television program about visiting families and amending backyards for the National Wildlife Federation. The show takes the form of a DIY-style program, with tips that are, it is suggested, easy for most viewers to achieve on their own. Within each episode, the hosts center on attracting a few specific varieties of wildlife; at the conclusion, the family is presented with a plaque, usually placed in the garden by the hosts, stating that the yard is now recognized by the NWF as a "backyard habitat". It is hosted by Molly Pesce and David Mizejewski, a representative of the NWF. It is shown on the channel Animal Planet. Each episode runs approximately 30 minutes. It was produced by RIVR Media.

Backyard Science

Backyard Science is an Australian educational children's television show based on the Dorling Kindersley books. In this series, children experiment with everyday items in order to make something fun and practical and also provide scientific insights in a child's world. The show is co-hosted by Tarun Victor Gordon and Dana Kronental, is co-produced by Beyond Television Productions and Penguin Television and airs on Australian free-to-air television on both the Seven Network and ABC. The series was composed of more than 78 episodes. Jason Smith was a presenter for some time. It was broadcast in the USA under the title Crash! Bang! Splat! on the former Discovery Kids Channel.

Casey's Wild Backyard 2016

Wildlife expert and photographer, Casey Anderson, introduces us to some amazing wildlife in Yellowstone!

The Backyardigans 2004

Meet five lively animal friends who love to sing, dance and use their imaginations to embark on outrageous adventures to magical places.

Our Big Blue Backyard 2014

Our Big Blue Backyard travels from Northland to Stewart Island, exploring six very special marine environments and features the colourful and varied inhabitants as they interact in their unique locations. From the giant to the tiny and the acrobatic to the rock scrapers, the range and behaviours of these species in such close proximity is fascinating. There is plenty of action in these aquatic communities as the lives of these close neighbours weave together to reveal entertaining animal dramas. It’s predator versus prey as surfing orcas travel the golden harbours of Northland; quality time with the big old snapper and crayfish of Goat Island; drama in the egg nurseries of the stunning Poor Knights Islands; a day out with the athletic Dusky Dolphins of Kaikoura; a fur-seal summer off New Zealand’s wild west coast and great white shark versus little blue penguins in the southern oasis of Stewart Island From acclaimed documentary filmmakers NHNZ comes the latest blue-chip series Our Big Blue Backyard, as seen on TV One

Buried In The Backyard 2018

True-crime stories about unfortunate victims found buried in the most unlikely of places -- the backyard.

Barney and the Backyard Gang 1988

Barney and the Backyard Gang is a direct-to-video series produced by The Lyons Group and was produced from October 13, 1988 to October 20, 1991. This series launched the stardom of the PBS television show Barney & Friends. The first three episodes from 1988 and 1989 include American actress Sandy Duncan as Michael and Amy's Mother. Music for the Barney and the Backyard Gang videos was created by Stephen Bates Baltes and Phillip Parker, and Lory Lazarus wrote the first original song produced for Barney, "Friends Are Forever", sung by Sandy Duncan. In the first five videos, "I Love You" was sung at the beginning. The series was a regional success, but only a moderate success throughout the rest of the country. Then one day, in 1991, Larry Rifkin, then head of Connecticut Public Television, rented a Barney video for his daughter Leora. He liked the concept and talked to Leach about possibly putting Barney on television through the Public Broadcasting Service. Rock with Barney was the last video in the series before the television show debuted. Also, only four of the kids from the videos were carried over to the television show.

Australia's Best Backyards 2007

Australia's Best Backyards is an Australian lifestyle TV series on the Seven Network. The program is hosted by landscape gardener Jamie Durie, who previously hosted Backyard Blitz on the Nine Network. The first episode aired on Sunday 29 July 2007 at 6:30 pm. The premiere episode rated 1.4 million viewers and was the 17th most watched program for the week.

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