Bubble 2005

Set against the backdrop of a decaying Midwestern town, a murder becomes the focal point of three people who work in a doll factory.

Bubble Boy 2001

Jimmy is young man who was born without an immune system and has lived his life within a plastic bubble in his bedroom... who pines for the sweet caresses of girl-next-door Chloe. But when Chloe decides to marry her high school boyfriend, Jimmy -- bubble suit and all -- treks cross-country to stop her. Swoosie Kurtz, as Jimmy's overprotective mom, co-stars along with Fabio, who portrays the leader of a religious cult.

Bubble 2012

A driven candidate moments before the most important point of his career. A desperate thug moments before the most dangerous decision of his life. An abstract and compelling short film about finding peace in regret.

Bubble 2009

Bubble is a short film performed by Zeena Parkins and the Plastic Girls, Eleanor Hullihan and Erin Cornell in a public park in Brooklyn, NY.


In the midst of a challenging family situation, a married couple scrutinise every decision they have made.

The Bubble 1966

Summary: A couple encounter mysterious atmospheric effects in an airplane and find themselves in a town where people behave oddly. Directed by Arch Oboler.

The Bubble 2002

Makis , a man with difficulties in the stock market, falls for Roula , who is the mistress of a big tycoon , which Makis has invested in. Makis becomes witness to an assassination gone wrong. The police are after him thinking he is the shooter but the real assassin is after Makis to recruit him to his terrorist beliefs. The only comfort Makis can find is Roula who follows him on his deadly adventure.

The Bubble 2006

The movie follows a group of young friends in the city of Tel Aviv and is as much a love song to the city as it is an exploration of the claim that people in Tel Aviv are isolated from the rest of the country and the turmoil it's going through. The movie looks at young people's lives in Tel Aviv through the POVs of gays and straights, Jews and Arabs, men and women.

Bubble Bath 1980

A man wants out of a marriage and tries to convince a friend of the bride-to-be to tell her the bad news.

The Bubble

The Bubble is coming out at a crucial time in American history. America needs a simple economics lesson on the coming crash. Tom Woods wrote a NY Times bestseller on the housing crash and now he has teamed up with experts such as Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, David Stockman, and Doug Casey to reveal where these financial bubbles keep coming from. The Bubble features interviews with those who actually predicted the housing crisis and recession. Austrian economists have predicted every major US crash in the last century, and they are the only ones with the insight necessary to bring us out of this economic slide. This film asks them why this crisis happened, but more importantly, why do they think the next one will be a lot worse.

The Magic Bubble 1992

A middle-aged woman frees herself from the spirit-crushing influence of her husband by refusing to remember what her age is.

The Boy in the Plastic Bubble 1976

Based on a true story, Tod Lubitch is born with a deficient immune system (which is unlike being born with AIDS). As such, he must spend the rest of his life in a completely sterile environment. His room is completely hermetically sealed against bacteria and virus, his food is specially prepared, and his only human contact comes in the form of gloved hands. The movie follows his life into a teenager

Bubble Bee 1949

Pluto is playing with a ball in the park when he mistakes a bubble gum machine for it. He tries briefly to get a gumball from the machine when a bee flies into the machine and carries a gumball off to his hive. Pluto goes after the hive and knocks it down; it's full of gumballs, which he eagerly scoops up and begins chewing. The bee returns and is understandably upset; he tracks down Pluto, but Pluto manages to defend himself with gum bubbles for quite a while. The bee manages to wrap the gum from one bubble around Pluto's legs, hobbling him. Finally, the bee flies into Pluto's mouth; Pluto blows a giant bubble around the bee, and when it explodes, they both fly into the air and land in a flower patch; the bee finally manages to sting Pluto (and, being a cartoon bee, lives through it).

Bubble Guppies 2012

It’s time to LEARN, it’s time to LAUGH, and it’s time to join the Bubble Guppies and their playful pet in their very own fairytale – Bubble Puppy’s Fintastic Fairytale Adventure! In this double-episode Molly and Gil went up a hill to fetch a pail of water. But when a mean witch turns Bubble Puppy into a frog, Molly and Gil enlist the help of some famous fairytale friends to undo her mean green spell.

Bubble Gum 2011

Jamshedpur-based Vedant Rawat lives a middle-classed lifestyle with his parents, Mukund and Sudha; and an elder deaf-mute brother, Vidhur, who is enrolled in a Delhi-based hostel - in an era before mobile phones, Internet and Facebook. He has a crush on Jenny, who studies in Sacred Heart Convent School, and lives a wealthy lifestyle with her father, who is a senior police officer, mother and a younger brother. He meets on the sly with her and both share bubble gum. Vedant will soon face challenges when Vidhur comes to visit for Holi and he will be required to spend more time with him then with Jenny; while a fellow-student, Ratan Singh Chauhan, is determined to woo and win Jenny's affections at any and all costs. Things get complicated even more after a disturbed Vedant damages Vidhur's hearing aid, and starts stealing in order to get even with Ratan.

Charlie's Bubble

The poetry of teenagers in love is one of the most endearing and enduring traditions in cinema. Philip Chan made his solo directorial debut with a film based on his own adolescent fantasy, about a secondary school student who falls in love with his teacher. The teacher happens to be pregnant and, after the kid makes the vow to help her take care of the child, the father reappears to assume his responsibilities…Is teenage bubble going to burst? Chan had the foresight – or was it luck? – to hand over writing chores to Alfred Cheung, who turned the potentially controversial story into a script of nuanced emotions and morality while managing to avoid the sensational. Charlie's Bubble, which escaped critical attention in its initial release, is a work that deserves a second look.

Bubble Trouble 1953

The stooges are pharmacists who invent a fountain of youth formula that can turn old people young. They turn an old lady into a beautiful young woman, but when her husband takes the formula it turns him into a gorilla.

Bubble House 1999

While documenting the decayed hull of the Teignmouth Electron, my companion and I drove up the other road on the hurricane coast of the small island and came across the Bubble House. Deserted and half-complete, it was built by a Frenchman who, according to the people of the island, embezzled money from the American government and was now doing 35 years in Tampa prison for fraud. Both boat and house were welcome neglect on an otherwise over pampered island and sit side by side in this exhibition as they do on Cayman Brac.

Family in the Bubble 2017

My parents were real estate developers and dealers in the 1980s. They achieved the ‘middle class dream’ thanks to the development boom. However, the Asian financial crisis swept everything away.

Go! Anpanman: Purun's Bubble 2007

Anpanman's friends go see a bubble show performed by Shabondama-hime and her Shabondama Girls, who make exquisite bubbles by playing their flutes. One of the girls, Purun, can't make big bubbles no matter how much she rehearses. She feels inadequate as she goes to retrieve her lost flute, which Creampanda finds and goes to return. Meanwhile Baikinman takes over Shabondama-hime's castle and steals the flutes, using their power to create evil bubbles, and Purun must realize her own importance and save the day with Anpanman's help.

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