Face to Face 1967

History Professor Brad Fletcher heads west for his health, but falls in with Soloman Bennett's outlaw gang. Fascinated by their way of life, Fletcher finally takes over the gang, leading with a new 'efficient' ruthlessness.

Happy Face 2018

Montreal 1992 —Estranged from his cancer-stricken mother, Stan, a quixotic 19-year-old, dons a disguise and joins a therapy workshop for disfigured patients in a misguided attempt to reconnect with her.

Peacock 2010

A man with a split personality fools his small town into believing his two alter egos are man and wife, although a struggling young mother holds the key to his past and sparks a battle between the personalities.

Plank Face 2016

A man is taken captive by a feral family in the deep woods. They are determined to transform him, body and mind, into one of their own -- whether he likes it or not.

Familiar Face 2019

A bartender is working in his pub on a quiet evening when a mysterious man walks in, and from there what seemed like a normal, Sunday evening turns into a living hell.

Tomie: Another Face 1999

Known as the girl who will not die, Tomie is the main character in a Japanese manga series. First, Tomie rises from the dead out of jealousy when an opportunistic young woman jumps at the chance to rekindle a relationship with Tomie's newly single boyfriend. In the second vignette, Tomie meets a man in the park and conjures memories in his mind of a girl he once knew. Lastly, Tomie becomes a coroner's object of obsession.

Facing the Wind 2018

Monica, a renowned choreographer, returns to Spain after a 20 year absence to see her sick father. Upon arriving her father has already died and her mother asks her to stay to sell the family home. In delaying her return to Buenos Aires Monica rediscovers her childhood landscapes and is forced to confront the past.

Happy Face Killer 2014

Serial killer Keith Jesperson murders at least eight women over a five-year span and taunts authorities with disturbing letters and scribbled confessions signed with a happy face.

Fiend Without a Face 1958

An American airbase in Canada provokes resentment from the nearby residents after fallout from nuclear experiments at the base are blamed for a recent spate of disappearances. A captain from the airbase is assigned to investigate, and begins to suspect that an elderly British scientist who lives near the base and conducts research in the field of mind over matter knows more than he is letting on..

Face of a Fugitive 1959

A man who was falsly accused for murder escapes the sheriffs and starts a new life in a town at the border of the States to Mexico. But he cannot settle in peace as his chasers are trying to find him.

Stolen Face 1952

A doctor changes a woman's face to match the one that broke his heart. Trouble starts when his love returns.

Facing Windows 2003

Overburdened and stuck in a greying marriage, Giovanna takes to caring for a Jewish Holocaust survivor her husband brings home. As she begins to reflect on her life, she turns to the man who lives across from her.

Face Face 2015

Welcome to the year 372054! Astronaut Commander Shepard Headstrong sets out to be the first test subject in the Faceship initiative – a programme where a space vehicle is fashioned from the pilots own DNA.

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam 2010

Mitchie can't wait to go back to Camp Rock and spend the summer making new music with her friends and superstar Shane Gray. But the slick new camp across the lake, Camp Star, has drummed up some serious competition — featuring newcomers Luke (Matthew "Mdot" Finley) and Dana (Chloe Bridges). In a sensational battle of the bands, with Camp Rock's future at stake, will Camp Star's flashy production and over-the-top antics win out, or will Camp Rockers prove that music, teamwork, and spirit are what truly matter?

The Face Is Familiar 2009

Get to know some of Hollywood's most talented character actors, who have supported leading roles in films for decades. Some have even gone on to become stars in their own right. They proudly stand in the shadows of the "stars" of the movies, content to play the roles that lend flavor and depth to the films, with their unique brands of humor, intensity and charisma, leaving lasting impressions on all of us in movie after movie.

Devil Face, Angel Heart 2002

Lon is an assassin who is deformed. The only man he can trust is his brother, Kwan. When Lon kills a police officer, the officer's partner tries to go after him, but lets him go after seeing his face. Meanwhile, Lon falls for Wendy, the girlfriend of Lon's sadistic boss, Dragon. When Lon agrees to kill Dragon for Wendy, it's a setup. After the kill, Lon is hit by a car and plunges into the river. A year passes by. A new man named Michael arrives, working for Wendy. Meanwhile, the partner of the cop Lon killed is still on the case. He notices a resemblance of the new man to Lon. Is Michael the same person as Lon? If so, what is the motive?

Baby Face Nelson 1957

Famed Depression-era gangster “Baby Face Nelson” (Mickey Rooney) robs and kills while accompanied by his beautiful moll (Carolyn Jones).

Ryan Hamilton: Happy Face 2017

Small-town import Ryan Hamilton charms New York with folksy comic observations on big-city life, hot-air ballooning and going to Disney World alone.

Face the Ace

Face the Ace is a poker-themed game show on the NBC television network first airing August 1, 2009. The show is hosted by Steve Schirripa along with hostess/spokesmodel Megan Abrigo and features the commentary of Ali Nejad, who also commentates for NBC’s Poker After Dark. The show’s primary sponsor is Full Tilt Poker, which supplies the contestants and the professional poker players against whom they compete.

Face the Clock

Face the Clock is a quiz show that aired on Channel 4 since 7 January 2013, hosted by Rory Bremner.

Place the Face

Place the Face is an American game show that aired on CBS and NBC from 1953 to 1955. The series was hosted by Jack Smith, Jack Bailey, and then Bill Cullen. Jack Narz was the announcer.

In Your Face

In Your Face is a hidden camera Television show, on U.K. channel Bravo. It follows a group of people who play various pranks on unsuspecting members of the public, which is recorded on a tiny camera hidden within their glasses. Their most regularly used tactic is to get the subject extremely angry so that violence is threatened, but then reveals that it is a hidden camera show. The show will be returning sometime near the end of 2009.

Face the Music

Face the Music is an American television game show that aired in syndication from January 14, 1980 to September 1981. The program tested contestants' knowledge of popular music songs, and association of song titles with famous people, places and things. Face the Music was hosted by Ron Ely and also featured the Tommy Oliver Orchestra, with vocalist Lisa Donovan, and was produced by Sandy Frank Productions. Dave Williams was the announcer from January to September 1980, and was replaced for the second season by John Harlan, with Art James occasionally filling in.

Find Me the Face 2008

Find Me the Face is a documentary which was made by Fever Media and first broadcast on BBC Three between 12 February and 18 March 2008. The show was brought in to go with BBC Three's new revamp. The show bases around two UK model scouts, Becky Southwick and Jody Furlong to find new talent. Jody Furlong is one of the UK's leading casting directors and founder of The Eye www.theeyecasting.com - a casting and model agency based in London.

The Face Is Familiar

The Face Is Familiar is an American game show which aired in color on CBS from May 7 to September 3, 1966. The show was hosted by Jack Whitaker and featured celebrity guests including Bob Crane, Dick Van Patten, Mel Brooks and June Lockhart. The series was primarily sponsored by Philip Morris' Parliament and Marlboro cigarettes, and their American Safety Razor and Clark Gum subsidiaries. The show was produced by Bob Stewart Productions in association with Filmways Television. Its theme song was a slightly-modified version of Brasilia, performed by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass.

Your Face Sounds Familiar

Your Face Sounds Familiar is a British talent show developed by Endemol UK and based on the Spanish series. The show began its six-week run on 29 June 2013 on ITV. The judging panel consists of Emma Bunton, Julian Clary and a different guest judge in each episode. Guest judges have included Cilla Black, Donny Osmond, Denise van Outen, Kian Egan and Peter Andre, whilst Alesha Dixon and Paddy McGuinness host. The show involves six celebrities portraying various iconic singers each week to win £10,000 for their chosen charity. The winner of the first series was actress Natalie Anderson who received the £50,000 grand prize for her charity, she was revealed as the winner on 3 August 2013. A second series of the show is set to be produced and broadcast in 2014.

Your Face Sounds Familiar

Your Face Sounds Familiar is the Greek version of the international reality television franchise Your Face Sounds Familiar, developed by Endemol. The show premiered in April 2013 on ANT1.

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