Fiend Without a Face 1958

An American airbase in Canada provokes resentment from the nearby residents after fallout from nuclear experiments at the base are blamed for a recent spate of disappearances. A captain from the airbase is assigned to investigate, and begins to suspect that an elderly British scientist who lives near the base and conducts research in the field of mind over matter knows more than he is letting on..

Face to Face 1967

History Professor Brad Fletcher heads west for his health, but falls in with Soloman Bennett's outlaw gang. Fascinated by their way of life, Fletcher finally takes over the gang, leading with a new 'efficient' ruthlessness.

A Face to Die For 1996

A scarred, unattractive young woman is conned into helping with a robbery of her employer. As a result, she is sent to prison, gets plastic surgery, and returns to seek revenge on those who wronged her.

Face 2 Face 2013

When major surgery leaves her feeling isolated and alone, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Katherine Brooks sets out on a cross-country journey to meet 50 Facebook "friends" she's never met before.

The Naked Face 1984

Chicago psychiatrist Judd Stevens (Roger Moore) is suspected of murdering one of his patients when the man turns up stabbed to death in the middle of the city. After repeated attempts to convince cops Rod Steiger and Elliott Gould of his innocence, Dr.Stevens is forced to go after the real villains himself, and he finds himself up against one of the city's most notorious Mafia kingpins.

Face Control 2005

Savvas is a doorman in a fashionable Athens club, but after years of nightlife he is going through his “midlife crisis” at 30! On Christmas Eve he meets Lia, the daughter of an infamous big businessman, whom Savvas sees as his “other half”. A confirmed atheist up till now, Savvas starts to interpret various coincidences as divine signs. When he decides that Lia’s father is to blame for her S&M proclivities, God arms his hand with a 45mm gun.

Baby Face Morgan 1942

This homey little comedy is predicated on the notion that bucolic country boy Morgan (Richard Cromwell) is the son of a notorious Roaring-Twenties racketeer. Morgan Senior's former gang, pining for their glory days, appoint "Baby Face" Morgan as their leader and resume their criminal activities. Their strategy is sublime: with the FBI busily beating the bushes for Nazi spies, who's going to pay attention to a bunch of middle-aged Prohibition gangsters? Unaware that he's being used as a figurehead, Morgan gets mixed up in a crooked insurance scheme, but by film's end he's figured out a way to clear himself and the mob, with everyone learning a lesson in the process. Reviewers in 1942 were amused by Baby Face Morgan but deplored its threadbare production values, noting that at one point the klieg lights could be seen reflecting on the bald dome of supporting player Vince Barnett!

The Man Without a Face 1935

A young man is wrongly accused of a brutal murder, is tried and sentenced to death. En route to the prison there is a major train crash and his guards are killed along with an anonymous traveller in the same compartment. He swaps his personal belongings with the dead man and escapes but things don't quite go to plan.

The Man With Bogart's Face 1980

In The Man With Bogart's Face, an affectionate send-up of the Bogart detective films of the 1940s, Robert Sacchi plays a man who idolizes Humphrey Bogart so much he has his features altered to look exactly like his idol. He then opens up a detective agency under the name Sam Marlowe (an amalgam of the names of Bogart's characters from The Maltese Falcon and The Big Sleep).

The Human Face 2017

By giving meaning to each and every mark on his sculptures, artist Kazuhiro gives meaning to his own life. Experiencing what is behind every wrinkle of time on the human face, transforms a superficial mask into a window to the soul.

Face to Face 1976

A sensitive exploration of the tragic irony of the psychiatrist suffering with mental illness.

Face Hunter 2014

A deserted old house which is surrounded by ghosts in an old city suddenly terrorizes a town with strange deaths, slowly revealing startling sinister events that occurred five years ago… “Child of the Necromancer mask” is the theme of China’s first surreal horror thriller combined with China’s oldest and most cruel death curse legend…

Moon Face 2012

The relationship of hatred and obsession by a farmer for his neighbor, which will force him to take strong action. Based on the eponymous story by Jack London, "Moon Face".

Face Taiwan 2015

30 years after the Taiwanese New Wave first emerged, the veterans such as Hou Hsiao-hsien and Tsai Ming-liang remain active in their careers. Ten of Edward Yang's former assistants have become directors. The filmmakers of the younger generation are facing a Taiwanese audience hungry for films that link them with Taiwanese society, whether they are fictional or not.

Pick Your Face

Pick Your Face is an Australia game show created by Banksia Productions for the Nine Network in 1999 until 2003, It hosted by Angus Smallwood. Angus would meet the three players of the day and then launch into

Animal Face-Off 2004

Animal Face-Off is a television program that aired on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet in 2004.

I Want a Famous Face 2004

I Want a Famous Face is a Reality television program on MTV, produced by Pink Sneakers Productions. The show features young adults who undergo plastic surgery with the goal of looking more like a famous person. Celebrities that participants have chosen to look more like include Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Brad Pitt, Ricky Martin and Victoria Beckham. The show also features short spots on how plastic surgery can go wrong from people that have experienced poor health resulting from their attempts at plastic surgery.

The Face of Furry Creek

The Face of Furry Creek is a television series produced by MKW Productions that stars writer/comedian Mark Kenneth Woods and actor Michael Venus as multiple characters in a small mountain town competing in a local reality-show contest. It was created by Woods and the series premiered on OUTtv on June 3, 2013 in the network's coveted Monday night 9pm time slot previously held by Season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race. The show, a comedy, was conceived as a hybrid television series and online digital project. It was shot in the style of reality television and includes a fictional contest website with additional media not seen on television. The Face of Furry Creek debuted to critical acclaim with calling the show "very clever and entertaining" with "fresh ideas" while Blouin ArtInfo called the series "gutsy satire that deserves more attention" and praised Woods' performance in particular saying "Woods deserves a bigger stage".

Eerie: Invisible Face 2018

Seiji Hirokawa works as a university professor. One day, his sick wife dies. Several days later, the intercom bell rings at his home and he sees a strange woman's face on the intercom screen. The woman asks "Is your wife at home?" Seiji Hirokawa opens the front door, but nobody is there. The president of the university where Seiji Hirokawa works suddenly dies. An election to select his replacement takes place. The election even involves the students and Seiji Hirokawa also participates. The professors are cautious with each other and a mysterious document spreads across the university. Meanwhile, Seiji Hirokawa carries guilt over his past behavior. Before his wife passed away, he had an affair with his sister-in-law Rei Mizushima. She works as an instructor at the same university. An unidentified body is found nearby at a garbage dump

Hidden Faces 1968

Hidden Faces is an American soap opera that aired on NBC from December 30, 1968 to June 27, 1969. The series was created by Irving Vendig, who also created the long-running Procter & Gamble serial The Edge of Night. The serial focused on a law firm that was dealing with a high profile murder case throughout its 127-episode run. Some of the show's stars were Conard Fowkes, Louise Shaffer, Tony Lo Bianco, Stephen Joyce, and a very young Linda Blair.

Faceless 2006

Federal Prosecutor John Robson lives in Sherman Oaks with his young family. He is driven, brilliant and intuitive. Robson is fiercely certain that there is a link between all the crime factions in L.A., and that there is one overlord whose capture will topple them all. Despite losing support from the FBI, despite the nagging doubt of his assistant prosecutor, Diana Palos, and despite the mounting pressure from his wife to spend more time with their family, Robson won't back down from his conviction and set the wheels in motion, not for the first time, to try to get to the top via one of the middlemen, Lucas Reynosa. Before he can close the deal with Reynosa, however, Robson is brutally beaten, shot in the head, thrown into the river and left for dead - but manages to reach a phone for help and winds up in a hospital, where, after being in a coma for three months and learning that his family has been killed, he emerges, a new man with an old agenda: Eddie Pray.

Facejacker 2010

Facejacker is a Channel 4 comedy series which started on 16 April 2010. It follows the similar show Fonejacker. Kayvan Novak adopts various disguises, including several characters heard in Fonejacker. To promote the show, Novak appeared at Channel 4's Comedy Gala as Terry Tibbs on April 5. Series 2 finished filming in July 2011 and premiered on 27 March 2012. The series concluded on 1 May 2012. Novak plans to create a film based on the show's characters, and is currently in talks with Film4 and Hat Trick Productions.


Facelift is a half-hour topical comedy show produced for New Zealand's TV One by the Gibson Group. Drawing on The Gibson Group's extensive experience with a wide range of comedy productions, including Public Eye, Skitz, Telly Laughs, Newsflash and The Semisis, Facelift is a sketch comedy employing live actors in rubber puppet masks. Pulling off the transition from puppet caricatures to human caricatures was a complex and ambitious task. A small group of actors were cast for voice and performance skills. Moulds were then taken of their heads and prosthetic masks created of various New Zealand politicians and celebrities, such as Helen Clark, Don Brash and Kate Hawkesby. New topical characters are periodically introduced. The fourth series screened from July 2007 to September 2007.

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