Bombay Calling 2006

Bombay Calling is a feature documentary film directed by Ben Addelman and Samir Mallal. Produced by the National Film Board of Canada, Bombay Calling chronicles the lives of young call center workers in Bombay (Mumbai) India.

Bombay Talkie 1970

An English novelist travels to Bombay to watch one of her novels translated to film. She chases after the Movie's leading man while the Screenwriter chases after her.

Bombay Eunuch 2001

An intimate, moving portrait of one eunuch family's struggle to survive in today's changing India.

Bombaiyer Bombete 2003

Lalmohan Ganguly, alias Jatayu − a sidekick of Feluda − gets invited to Mumbai (previously Bombay) to watch the shooting of a film based on a novel written by him. Once in Mumbai, he, along with Feluda and Topshe gets embroiled with underworld kingpins. He seems to have transported the Nana Sahib's necklace. But fortunately because of Feluda the real thief is caught and convicted. Although the original story was written in the 1970s, the movie is set in more recent times and depict the real problem of underworld involvement in Bollywood.

The Stranglers of Bombay 1959

India 1826. The cult of Thugee was sweeping the sub-continent. Worshippers of the goddess Kali demonstrated their devotion by the mutilation and mass murder of thousands of victims. This wave of religious fervour challenges the stability of the Raj and threatens anarchy and chaos but can the cool pragmatism of the British compete against the power of this extreme and zealous passion?

Bombay Mail 1934

In India, a police inspector investigates a murder that took place on a train between Calcutta and Bombay.

Bombay Clipper 1942

Someone has absconded with $4,000,000 worth of diamonds, and that someone may very well be a passenger on the Bombay Clipper.

Bombay Summer 2010

Bombay Summer explores the fleeting and delicate friendship between three young people in Mumbai, India. The film follows their journey of discovery, love and loss.

Bombay Dreams

The story centers around Akaash, a young man from the slums of Bombay who dreams of becoming the next big star in Bollywood. Fate steps in when a rich pro-bono lawyer and his fiancée, an aspiring documentary filmmaker, arrive to prevent the demolition of Akaash's slum. Akaash quickly falls in love with the lawyer's fiancée, Priya, who happens to be the daughter of a famous Bollywood director, and the ticket to the top that Akaash needs. Complications arise as Akaash faces the reality of show business, fame, his love for Priya, and his obligations to his family, friends, and his Paradise slum. The plot includes frequent reference to the change of name from Bombay to Mumbai of the titular city and references the identity issues that this raises.

Colorful Bombay 1937

This travelogue begins with an appreciation of Bombay as a port city. Beyond the port and Taj Mahal Hotel is a teeming city, dominated by caste. The narrator casts a baleful eye on the treatment of hardworking Untouchables, especially the women. We watch a building's construction, see the byplay among castes at a market, and visit a fishing village where caste has less influence. The women clean and dry fish caught by men. Here Hinduism finds harmony in the relationships of couples. There are pressures for all to marry, and girls as young as ten are wives. We watch a funeral procession of a young bride. Then, we end at Bombay's race track, a grand melting pot for rich and poor.

Bombay Movie 2014

Inspired by his outsider status, Raja sets out to make this film independently­ without the support or the substantial financial backing of the studio system. Two foreign producers (Raj Yerasi, Giulia Achilli) are so taken with the script and its potential to do well abroad that they agree to greenlight the production. Raja enlists a talented team of actors (Naseerruddin Shah, Arjun Mathur, Vijay Raaz) and a hardworking and seasoned film crew. Together, ready for anything, they set out into the streets of Bombay.

Bombay Blue

Scotland Yard Agents Donald Sumpter and Shan Khan come to Mumbai in search of a Drug Dealer(Kiran Kumar) and are helped by a cop(Mohan Agashe) and a journalist(Shekhar Suman).Shan falls in love with a girl whose brothers(Irfan Khan and Aly Khan)are searching for her because her father is on his deathbed and wants to meet her once.However they encounter bureaucratic obstacles on the way which frustrate them at each step.

Bombay Talkies 2014

The play depicts the lives of seven people living in Mumbai, all with their own uniquely moving story. It tries to capture the essence of people living in the city through seven characters who have been strung together in a series of monologues. Stories about the ambitions of a child artist, the escape of a ridiculed wife into art, a single mother’s sacrifice of her life for the sake of her children, child abuse, a TV reporter’s regret of the media’s inability to celebrate positivism rather than sensationalism and negative news, a hilarious take on corruption by a broker and the west beckoning today’s youth are all interwoven. Each character, marked by failure and doubt are clearly self –censored. While they may communicate through candid expression, they subtly allude to greater truths.

The Black Bomber 1992

In a near-future Belgrade, a DJ stirs up trouble with his rocking anti-establishment broadcasts. After his station is shut down, he takes to the street and starts transmitting revolution with the police hot on his trail.

Dive Bomber 1941

A military surgeon teams with a ranking navy flyer to develop a high-altitude suit which will protect pilots from blacking out when they go into a steep dive.

Bombay 1995

A love story of a good-hearted Hindu man and a beautiful devout Muslim woman who leave their village to marry against the wishes of their parents and move to Bombay to start a fresh life. There they have twin sons and a daughter. But turmoil engulfs the happy family when Hindu-Muslim riots break out in Bombay.

Bombay Velvet 2015

An ordinary man, who goes against all odds to forge his own destiny and become a star in the glittering sky of 'Bombay,' thriving on jazz and violence.

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