The Item 1999

Four felons are contacted by an anonymous client via the internet. They are instructed to go to a remote desert island and pick up an "item" and keep it safe for 24 hours. It will then be picked up and they will be paid. However, upon getting it back to their apartment, their curiosity gets the better of them and they decide to investigate their package. They discover that they have a telepathic worm connected to a life support system. The film then disintegrates into a slasher film as one by one the protectors are killed in grisly fashion.

News Item 1923

An experimental short from 1923 France which offers silent narrative in diverse, optical multi-exposures and severe close-ups offering dense montages which create psychological constructs that unfold a Parisian love affair which turns into a threesome of great emotion and consequences. Also notable for using Antonin Artaud as the male lead.

Tottaa Pataaka Item Maal 2018

Four women from Delhi, NCR and Gurgaon, tired of dealing with the incessant fear or rape, decide to teach one man how it feels to be afraid of being raped, on a daily basis.

Item Falls 2013

In Item Falls, we are peaking. We start out at a casting call, but before long we're firmly in the grip of hallucination, shedding our anxieties and evidently regressing to the animation era, a time when stunt chickens were mere chicklets. Friendly archetypes float in and out of what seems like our bedroom. The red-headed Jenny has returned, but this time she's squeaky and trusting. Unlike in Center Jenny, here our perspective is literally centered. The camera seems to be the in middle of the room, which is good, because we're too blissed out to move. Luckily, our hallucinations look directly at us.

Life Item 2019

The life of a person conveyed through their most sentimental and important possessions.

Sigi Götz Collectors Item 1998

A few men are trying to get a porn movie shoot off the ground but are afraid of asking their main actress to be.

10 Items or Less 2006

An actor who is considering the role of a supermarket manager arrives at a grocery store on the outskirts of Los Angeles to do some field research. He subsequently becomes stranded, without a car or cell phone, and accepts a ride home with Scarlet, a cashier who is about to interview for a new job. The actor rediscovers the essence of his craft while helping Scarlet gain the confidence she needs to change her life.

Item One 1956

A quite line in the capital city. A little girl, Veseto, slips out of home unnoticed, attracted by the voices of children playing in the yard. when the kids get tired of playing hide-and-seek, they scatter and Veseto sets out in a long stroll across the city, full of exciting adventures. She talks to a chimney sweep, stops to look at some land surveyors at work, watches an interesting football game at the stadium, enjoys herself at the fair, extemporizes as an actress and has a trying experience on a building site. All the people in the neighborhood start looking for the lost child. In the evening, Veseto reappears. She is back to the arms of her mother, while the people in the neighborhood prove by deeds their human solidarity, their love for children and their resolve to struggle for peace, a must for children's future all over the world.

News Items 1983

This documentary follows the daily life of a section of the police station of the fifth "arrondissement" (district) of Paris.

Item 2019

What if normal items which belong to normal people are able to do extraordinary things? Unbelievable things are now possible due to items contain special powers. Kang Gon, a prosecutor who can't stand injustice, investigates paranormal events. He must continue investigating to save his cousin, whom he loves very much. While trying to save his cousin, Thankfully, Kang Gon gets the help of a brilliant colleague, Shin So Young. Even when she is in the horrendous crime scene, she is still collected, competent, and decisive. The duo faces individuals who are aware of the power and danger of these items. One of them is Jo Se Hwang, a man with power and status. He appears to be a successful and progressive entrepreneur on the surface, but he is a sociopath who craves bloodshed. He wishes to use these dangerous items to murder others as he pleases. While there are who help Kang Gon and So Young uncover the mysteries behind these items, it will be a strenuous and difficult journey for them.

10 Items or Less 2006

10 Items or Less is a partly scripted, partly improvised American comedy series created by Nancy Hower, Robert Hickey and John Lehr. It starred Lehr as a less-than-successful businessman who returned home to run Greens & Grains, the family-owned supermarket, upon the death of his father. The series debuted on TBS on November 27, 2006. During its first season, the program aired Monday nights at 11 p.m. ET/PT. The second and third seasons aired on TBS Tuesday nights at 11 p.m. ET/PT. In November 2009, a blog posting stated the show had been cancelled, and would not be picked up for the fourth season.

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