Energy 1967

Record of a dam construction in a remote area of Poland.

Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution 2017

Filmmaker Jamie Redford embarks on a surprising journey across the U.S. to meet entrepreneurs, community activists and ordinary citizens who are pioneering the use of clean energy technology, often in the most unlikely places, in the process creating jobs, turning profits and making Americans’ lives healthier.

Energy War 1977

Documentary feature. 16mm; color; sound.

A Century of Energy 2015

Manoel de Oliveira's final work revisits one of his earliest films and celebrates a century of industrialization in Portugal.

Tom-ic Energy 1965

Essentially one long chase scene, in an urban setting; at the end, a dog joins in, to Jerry's annoyance.

P=ωρ The Dark Energy 2015

Student in anthropology at McGill University in Montreal, Etienne and Eloise associate has a team of paranormal investigators to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of a student of the same court, 10 years ago. Their research will combine science and paranormal while we will follow the court their visit to Quebec three places known for their haunting phenomena. Faced with the horror and death, they will face their own demons in order to survive their nightmare.

Energy Crossroads 2007

Most experts agree that global peak oil production, when demand exceeds supply, will occur within the next 15 years and will drastically change the very fabric of our industrialized world. As fossil fuels power every facet of the American economy, how can we avoid an energy crisis and a possible collapse of our economy?

Illustrious Energy 1988

Chan and his older mate Kim prospect for gold in 1890s Otago. Marooned until they can pay off their debts and return to China; they’ve been fruitlessly working their claim for 12 and 27 years respectively. Chan faces racism, isolation, extreme weather, threatening surveyors, opium dens and a circus romance.

Dirty Energy 2012

Documentary - DIRTY ENERGY tells the personal story of those directly affected by the Deepwater Horizon spill of 2010, who are now struggling to rebuild their lives amidst the economic devastation and long-term health risks. - George Barisich, Margaret Curole, Kevin Curole

Nervous Energy 1995

Tom is a young man with AIDS living in London with his lover Ira. The disease has exaggerated Toms nervous energy and in his manic state he suddenly decides to go to Glasgow to visit the family he hasn't seen in ten years. His brother Ian is thoroughly disgusted by his lifestyle and only his mother shows any compassion for him. The visit soon develops into a nightmare as dementia sets in and Tom's health rapidly declines. Finally, events come to a head and Ira has no choice but to force Tom back to London, where he expects him to die at any time. After treatment, Tom gets a brief reprieve, having discovered that his real family is his adopted one in London.

Hi-Energy 2003

Take a deep breath and plunge into the latest entertainment extravaganza with the gang from Hi-5. Full of inventive dance moves and loaded with catchy songs, 'Hi-Energy' is an explosion of colour, movement and music. Gather your friends around an dget ready to go wild - Hi-5 are vibed and energised.

Ellen's Energy Adventure 1996

Shown only at the Universe of Energy attraction at EPCOT Center in Florida, Ellen DeGeneres plays herself as she goes on a fantasy tour with Billy Nye "The Science Guy" through time to learn the facts about energy in the world as she prepares to face off against an old rival of hers on TV's Jeporady which the topic is all about energy in the world today.

Threshold: Critical Energy 2004

Threshold are one of the leading lights of the progressive metal scene. Now celebrating twenty years together, Threshold continue to make powerful and innovative rock music both on record and on stage. 1.- Phenomenon 2.- Oceanbound 3.- Choices 4.- Angels 5.- Falling Away 6.- Virtual Isolation 7.- Innocent 8.- Long Way Home 9.- Fragmentation 10.- Clear 11.- Lifeflow 12.- Narcissus 13.- Sunseeker 14.- The Latent Gene 15.- Light And Space 16.- Sunrise On Mars 17.- Paradox 18.- Sanity's End

The Energy Specialist

The Energy Specialist is about what you do after college, when you have spent most of your college days partying.

Powerful: Energy for Everyone 2010

Challenging where our energy comes from can seem a little eccentric... After all, not everyone has solar panels above the doorstep. David does, and they generate more than enough energy to go around. So why can't he share it?

Eve of Destruction 2013

When two scientists attempt to discover unlimited energy, their experiment is sabotaged by eco-terrorists. The result is a dark energy black hole that could destroy the planet.

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