Bottom 1991

Bottom is a British anarchic sitcom written by and starring comic duo Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson as socially awkward, sexually inexperienced Richie Richard, and carefree alcoholic Eddie Hitler, two social outcasts living on the dole, trapped together in a daily grind in a squalid flat in Hammersmith, London. Perpetually skint, bored and sexually frustrated, they spend their days scheming, bickering, and being nasty and sadistic to each other. The show ran for three series, originally airing on BBC Two from 1991 - 1995, and was followed by five stage show tours across the United Kingdom between 1993 and 2003, and a feature film Guest House Paradiso. The show is noted for its chaotic, nihilistic humour and violent comedy slapstick. In 2008, Bottom came in at number 45 in a poll to determine "Britain's Best Sitcom" by the BBC. The show continues to be shown in the UK on Gold and Dave, and has been dubbed in other languages. In Spain the show is known as La pareja basura which aired on Canal+. The theme music was provided by The Bum Notes, a band that once featured Edmondson, and is a cover of "Last Night" by The Mar-Keys. Plans were made in 2012 for a BBC spin-off series, Hooligan's Island, featuring the Richie and Eddie characters from Bottom. However, that project was cancelled that October prior to production as Edmondson explained that he wished to pursue other interests.

Botched 2014

In the multi-billion dollar world of plastic surgery, beauty is in the eye of the beholder... or is it? For some patients, their quest for ultimate perfection ends in disastrous results. World renowned doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow — the best of the best and leaders in their field — will be tasked with some of the most difficult operations of their careers when they try to reverse the effects of horrendous plastic surgeries.  

Botineras 2009

Botineras is an Argentine telenovela produced by Endemol and Underground. Airing on Telefe, it was premiered on November 24, 2009, and was broadcast until August 25, 2010. It works around football players, their mediatic romances and police investigations. In the beginning the telenovela had a comedy approach, but later shifted to give more prominence to the policial genre. The main actors at the beginning were Florencia Peña and Nicolás Cabré, Peña decided to resign some time after the genre shift as her character lost importance for the plot, whereas the ones played by Romina Gaetani and Isabel Macedo gained notability.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 1964

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is a 1960s American science fiction television series based on the 1961 film of the same name. Both were created by Irwin Allen, which enabled the movie's sets, costumes, props, special effects models, and sometimes footage, to be used in the production of the television series. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was the first of Irwin Allen's four science fiction television series as well as the longest running. The show's main theme was underwater adventure. Voyage was broadcast on ABC from September 14, 1964 to March 31, 1968, and was the decade's longest-running American science fiction television series with continuing characters. The 110 episodes produced included 32 shot in black and white, and 78 filmed in color. The first two seasons took place in the then future of the 1970s. The final two seasons took place in the 1980s. The show starred Richard Basehart and David Hedison.

Botched: Post Op 2015

Dr. Nassif, Dr. Dubrow and his wife Heather take a light-hearted and sometimes comedic look at some of the cases highlighted in that evening's episode of "Botched."

Bottersnikes & Gumbles 2016

In a far away forgotten valley heaped with long-abandoned junk, a timeless battle rages between good and evil… and also between squishy and scaly, happy and grumpy, clever and wily… handsome and plain old ugly. This is the land of Bottersnikes and Gumbles.

Botched By Nature 2016

They have fixed the unfixable and thought they'd seen it all. Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif will travel across the country to change the lives of those who have been botched by genetics or traumatic incidents. This series follows the doctors' nation-wide pursuit as they seek to transform the lives of patients willing to share their powerful stories with the world, all while learning things they never thought they'd know about one another and deepening the bromance that fans have come to know and love.

Bottled Passion 2011

Bottled Passion is a Hong Kong television drama produced by Television Broadcasts Limited under executive producer Lee Tim-shing. The drama premiered on Jade and HD Jade channels on 6 December 2011 and is slated to end its run on 2 January 2012 with a total of 21 episodes. The Chinese title literally translates to "My Ideal Cruel Husband", with a wordplay on the words "long4 gwan1", meaning "husband" or "pimp", and "long4", meaning "cruel" or "cunning."

Bottle Boys 1984

Bottle Boys is a British sitcom which ran for two series on ITV in 1984 and 1985. Starring Robin Askwith as football-mad milkman Dave Deacon, the series mined comedy of the broadest sort from randy Dave's amorous adventures, in a style familiar to viewers from the Confessions films. However, as well as the sexual innuendo of his earlier big-screen adventures, Askwith was equally likely to find himself embroiled in more off-the-wall exploits, and found himself at various points in the series dressing up as a cow, inadvertently engaged to Sharon the secretary, and meeting then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The part of Dave Deacon was originally written for Jim Davidson, who was by this time already expanding into sitcom territory with Up the Elephant and Round the Castle, also on ITV. It was future BBC controller John Birt, during his tenure at London Weekend Television, who suggested that Askwith take the part.

Scandal 2012

Everyone has secrets and Olivia Pope has dedicated her life to protecting and defending the public images of the elite by keeping those secrets under wraps. Pope and her team are at the top of their game when it comes to getting the job done for their clients, but it becomes apparent that these "gladiators in suits," who specialize in fixing the lives of other people, have trouble fixing those closest at hand -- their own.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is a business discussion programme broadcast in the UK on BBC Radio 4 and the BBC News Channel, and internationally on the BBC World Service and BBC World News. It is co-production between BBC News and The Open University.

Your Bottom Line

Your Bottom Line is a CNN news program focusing on financial news hosted by Christine Romans. The program was hosted by Gerri Willis before her departure from CNN in February 2010. She later moved to Fox Business in March 2010 The show airs Saturdays at 9:30am on CNN. Originally called Open House, the program is designed to show how the political and economic news of the week affects a viewer's bottom line. The topics discussed on Your Bottom Line have shifted from a narrow real estate focus to a broader discussion of personal finance, from houses to cars, from personal debt to bank accounts. The stated goal of 'Your Bottom Line' is to give viewers information so that they can save as much money as possible.

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