Sex Actually 2005

Colombian Luccio and his girlfriend Angie move into a respectable part of Berkshire, learning that Ron and Helen, the previous owners of their house, died mysteriously. Angie discovers that their neighbours, estate agent Roy and his wife Jane, high court judge Charles and his bickering wife Carol and Bilbo, a conceptual artist and his partner were all members of a wife-swapping circle who usually met at Ron and Helen's house. Luccio reveals himself to be a policeman and is curious as to how Ron and Helen died, lining up all the suspects.

The Merchant of Four Seasons 1971

Hans is a street fruit peddler and born-loser. His choice of career upsets his bourgeois family, causing him to turn to drinking and violence. After recovering from a debilitating heart attack, his business finally begins to take off. However the more he becomes a credit to his family, the more depressed he becomes.

Hans Staden 1999

On the eve of his return to Europe after an extended involuntary stay in 16th-century Brazil, the German sailor Hans Staden is captured by a hostile cannibal Indian tribe. In order to survive he tries to convince the Indians that he is not Portuguese (their enemies) but a friend of the French (their allies), and that his God would be very angry if they were to eat him.

Genkai in a Black Company 2009

After the death of this mother, Masao Oneta (Teppei Koike) decides to leave the comfort of his room after years of self isolation and get a job. He lands a position at a small IT firm but doesn't yet realise this company is one of many 'black companies', known for overworking their employees.

Dressed to Fire 1988

Action hero Pierre Kirby stars in this obscure Godfrey Ho film.

Bee Gees - Live By Request 2001

Celebrating 35 years of hitmaking, the Bee Gees take the stage in New York City with host Mark McEwen taking the requests as Barry, Maurice and Robin play your favorite songs from the last four decades. From A&E's popular "Live By Request" music series, the brothers Gibb perform five new classics and over a dozen all-time favorites in this unique, intimate concert captured in glorious surround sound. Songs: This Is Where I Came In, She Keeps on Coming, Sacred Trust, Man in the Middle, Massachusetts, To Love Somebody, I Started a Joke, Jive Talkin', How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, Gotta Get a Message To You, Acoustic Medley: New York Mining Disaster/Run to Me/Too Much Heaven/Islands in the Stream/Holiday/A Woman in Love/Guilty/Nights on Broadway, Wedding Day, Lonely Days, How Deep Is Your Love, You Should Be Dancin'.

The History of White People in America 1985

In this parody of documentaries, host Martin Mull discusses the contributions that white people have made to the USA, visits the Institute of White Studies, and follows a typical white family as they go about their everyday lives.

Dogging: A Love Story 2009

An aspiring Gordie journalist drops his inhibitions to research the UK's North East outdoor sex scene. He meets a certain girl in a car park, and the totally unexpected happens.

Earth's Final Hours 2011

After dense matter from an imploded white hole hits Earth, the planet's rotation is devastated. A group of government agents must locate a lost satellite network that is the world's only hope for survival.

Scorched 2008

In a climate change ravaged world in 2012, after 240 days without rain Sydney has only two weeks of water left. When the city is then ringed by severe bushfires, the question becomes, how do you fight fire when you have no water?

The Book of Pooh: Stories from the Heart 2001

Part of The Book of Pooh series, which offers preschool kids simple life lessons and scholastic pointers, The Book of Pooh: Stories From the Heart uses puppetry and computer animation to tell Christopher Robin's imaginative tales. Kids join Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger for an afternoon of storytelling and lesson learning.

In This Our Life 1942

A young woman dumps her fiancée and runs off with her sister's husband. They marry, settle in Baltimore, and Stanley ultimately drives Peter to drink and suicide. Stanley returns home to Richmond only to learn that her sister Roy and old flame Craig have fallen in love and plan to marry. The jealous and selfish Stanley attempts to win back Craig's affections, but her true character is revealed when, rather than take the rap herself, she attempts to pin a hit and run accident on the young black clerk who works in Craig's law office.

Mabel's Busy Day 1914

Mabel tries to sell hot dogs at a car race, but isn't doing a very good job at it. She sets down the box of hot dogs and leaves them for a moment. Charlie finds them and gives them away to the hungry spectators at the track as Mabel frantically tries to find her lost box of hot dogs. Mabel finds out that Charlie has stolen them and sends the police after him. Chaos ensues.

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