Dead Connection 1994

After a series of murders in motel rooms are connected, a cop, Dickson, heads out on the trail to find a serial killer. He discovers that he signs the motel guest-books with the names of boxers, and hence gets a lead on him. However, when he just fails to catch up arrest him, the chase becomes personal.

Gourmet Detective: Eat, Drink and Be Buried 2017

Henry and Maggie attend the birthday party of a local publisher, where his son and stepson reenact a historical 18th century dual. Someone, however, has loaded the antique pistol with a real musket ball, so when son pulls the trigger, he kills his stepbrother in front of a roomful of witnesses. Henry and Maggie have to figure out who wanted the stepson dead and why.

Passion Flower 1987

The movers and shakers in Singapore get involved in behind-the-scenes political and business activities, romantic entanglements, and murder. Nicol Williamson plays the wealthiest man in Southeast Asia. Barbara Hershey is his married antagonistic daughter who starts an affair with an ambitious American banker (Bruce Boxleitner) and who also seems to have the attention of her father.

When the Cat Comes 1963

Some people with a strange cat arrive in a small village. The cat wears glasses, and when someone takes them off, she can color people, according to their nature and mood. The grown-ups of the village consider the cat to be dangerous, but the kids just love her…

Scooby-Doo! Shaggy's Showdown 2017

When the Scooby gang visits a dude ranch, they discover that it and the nearby town have been haunted by a ghostly cowboy, Dapper Dan, who fires real fire from his fire irons. The mystery only deepens when it’s discovered that the ghost is also the long lost relative of Shaggy Rogers!

The Most Gentle Confessions 1971

Following a robbery in a circus, a young mobster, Jean, is arrested by Inspector Borelli. The thug denies involvement. To compel him to sign a full confession, Inspector Muller encourages the suspect to get married for - he says - to move the jury. This being done, he lets Jean believe that he can spend a moment alone with his wife; but then, Inspector Borelli blackmails him: "If you sign your confession, you can spend a moment with her." After being beaten, Jean signs a confession. It is then that a new blackmail intervenes: "the name of the accomplice?", asks the inspector. But the thug refuses to denounce the latter and ends up refusing the bargain dupes. While the guards drive him back to prison, his wife cuts his veins, breaking the career of the bad policeman.

Meet the Fockers 2004

Hard-to-crack ex-CIA man, Jack Byrnes and his wife, Dina head for the warmer climes of Florida to meet son-in-law-to-be, Greg Focker's parents. Unlike their happily matched offspring, the future in-laws find themselves in a situation of opposites that definitely do not attract.

The Big Risk 1960

On crowded Milan streets, two men execute a split-second payroll heist-in broad daylight-then begin a lightning-paced getaway, via every conveyance available. But after all, when a tough guy's returning to France (where he's been sentenced to death in absentia) after holing up in Italy for nearly a decade, he's got to have some startup money--particularly if he's going back with the wife and kids.

The Best Things In Life Are Free 1956

Director Michael Curtiz' 1956 showbiz musical, about the careers of the early-20th-century songwriting trio DeSylva, Brown and Henderson, stars Dan Dailey, Gordon MacRae, Ernest Borgnine, Sheree North, Tommy Noonan, Larry Keating, Murvyn Vye, Jacques D'Amboise and Phyllis Avery.

Service de nuit 1944

A devoted switchboard operator is the village guardian angel.

Obiettivo ragazze 1963

Four former soldiers meet and reminisce about the time they were in active service: a parachutist mistaking his sergeants house for a brothel, a hypnotized sailor who thinks he has changed his sex, two GIs captured by an African tribe.

Come Undone 2010

Anna is an accountant for an important insurance firm and lives with her longterm lover Alessio - a man who longs for a stable longterm relationship with children, home, etc. Anna, feeling as though the fire has fizzled in that relationship takes up with co-worker Domenico and the two begin a passionate affair.

Stiff Upper Lips 1998

Stiff Upper Lips is a broad parody of British period films, especially the lavish Merchant-Ivory productions of the 'eighties and early 'nineties. Although it specifically targets A Room with a View, Chariots of Fire, Maurice, A Passage to India, and many other films, in a more general way Stiff Upper Lips satirises popular perceptions of certain Edwardian traits: propriety, sexual repression, xenophobia, and class snobbery.

Live and Let Die 1973

James Bond must investigate a mysterious murder case of a British agent in New Orleans. Soon he finds himself up against a gangster boss named Mr. Big.

Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts 2011

Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts is a feature-length documentary that takes an in depth look at the life, career and mind of the British comic book writer Warren Ellis. The film combines extensive interviews with Ellis with insights from his colleagues and friends, as well as ambient visual re-creations of his prose and comics work.

You Can't Buy Everything 1934

To save money a widow waits a week before seeking medical attention at the charity clinic for her son's hurt foot.

The Birthday Party 1968

Based on Harold Pinter's enigmatic play about a boarder in a British seaside dwelling who is visited by two strangers. They torment him verbally, ask him idiotic unanswerable questions, force him to sit down and stand up, and give him a "party." Then, eventually, they take him away, a tongue-tied idiot. The trivial becomes the terrible, and with it a certain wonder, a certain pity.

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