Kung Fu Mahjong 3: The Final Duel 2007

In the wake of his father's heart attack, Ken must battle his father's mistress -- who persuaded her lover to transfer the grand master title to her in the event of his death -- for the rightful claim to the family fortune in a riveting game of mah-jong.

Strip Mahjong: Battle Royale 2011

A handful of mysterious Japanese women take part in a deranged web show that makes them strip off their clothes when they lose a round of Mahjong. When there is nothing left to hide, secrets are revealed and they must take their punishment.

Kung Fu Mahjong 2005

Chi Mo Sai (Yuen Wah) meets Wong (Roger Kwok) in Auntie Fei's (Yuen Qiu) cafe and learns that Wong has photographic memory. He decides to exploit this skill by teaching Wong how to play Mahjong, but Fei, Wong's boss, strongly objects to it. Despite Fei's objections, Wong learns Mahjong from compulsive gambler Chi Mo Sai. He impresses triad boss Tin Kau Ko (Wong Jing). Wong falls in love with Tin's mistress (Theresa Fu) and is beaten by Tin's men. Wong then becomes crazy. Luckily, Fei cured him using Mahjong. Fei wanted Wong to beat Tin in the "King of Mahjong" competition and be the King of Mahjong. The film ends with a climactic "King of Mahjong" Competition. It is the only film made in 2005 to boast of having a sequel made in 2005.

Karmic Mahjong 2006

Chen Chuan (Francis Ng) is a simple man who seems to be cursed with bad luck all the time. Convinced by a blind fortune teller that he must eliminate the "villain" that is bringing him the ills, Chen vows to kill the person responsible for his misfortunes. But he soon has second thoughts when he suspect that the "villain" is none other than his own wife.

Mahjong 1996

A comedic mystery involving a search for a missing famed businessman, Winston Chen, who has gone AWOL owing $100 million to Taipei's underworld.

Mahjong Heroes 1981

In America, there's such "game" movies as The Sting. But in Asia, it's often about the fascinating game of mahjong, and this is one of the best. Teen idol Nicholas Tse was just one year old when his father Patrick Tse (a.k.a. Shih Hsien) starred in this number one Christmas holiday hit about a hero who helps a young student vanquish a cunning, malicious gambling tycoon who's out to take over the family business.

Kung Fu Mahjong 2 2005

Fanny is a skilled mahjong player and young housewife, who's usually forbidden from her tile-clicking addiction by husband Johnny. However, when Johnny falls in with gambler Demon, Fanny gets sent packing. Johnny takes up with Demon's sister Curvy, and Fanny is left alone and seems to lose her mahjong-playing skills. Luckily, she receives additional training from her mahjong mentor Three Tiles, who also schooled Auntie Fei, as well as sexy player-in-training First Love. With the aid of her mahjong sisters, brother, plus Auntie Fei's husband Chi Mo Sai, Fanny regroups in time to take on Curvy, Demon, and Johnny at a climactic mahjong tournament.

Mahjong 2013

Varziela, Vila do Conde, the biggest Chinatown in Portugal. A man wearing a hat and a missing woman. A high-heeled shoe, a blond wig and a Chinese dress. The confrontation between the East Wind and the Red Dragon; the cardinal points switched as in an ultimate Mahjong game.

King of Mahjong 2015

King of Mahjong centres on the decade-long feud and eventual reunion of Wong Tin Ba and Ah Fatt. 20 years later, Wong Tin Ba, who is now a world-acclaimed mahjong champion and magnate, shows up in Ipoh to challenge Fatt to a final showdown – The World Mahjong Championship. Despite Wong’s insistence, Fatt declines to join the competition as he is determined and contented to lead the life of a commoner. In a bid to force Fatt into the showdown, Wong abducts Fatt’s wife, Ramona, and threatens her to be on his alliance. Fatt has no choice but to join the championship as Wong holds his wife hostage. On the mahjong table, Fatt and Wong compete as the finalists; Master Ru’s secret legendary mahjong move and the truth comes to light as the winner emerges...

Mahjong and the West 2014

A city girl returns to Wyoming to bury her mother after 15 years away. Seeing her childhood best friend reminds her why she left. A gritty portrait of two young woman running from a violent, troubled past -- finding comfort in booze, sex, and bull riding.

House of Mahjong 2007

Gi, who wants to start up her business in Fu Gui Mall, needs to learn to play Taiwan mahjong to be part of the tenants there. All the other tenants teach her the techniques of the game but Fu Ho defeats Gi. However, he is impressed with her determination and rents a place to Gi. Meanwhile, Fu Ho's son, Sun Gui, returns to Hong Kong and is planning to take over the mall. He finds four mahjong experts to gamble with the tenants. Gi, Sam, Lam and the others lose their money and means of survival. Luckily, Lam finds

Mahjong Dragon 1997

North Quick Hands, a gambler, killed a gang in revenge for his friend, for which he was sentenced to prison. South Tin-lone waited for Quick Hand's release, so that he might be recruited into the gang. But Quick Hands refused. Meanwhile, Sau Tin, a Hong Kong policewoman addicted to gambling, went to Dongguan to seek a husband. She helped Quick Hands to leave China by arranging a fake marriage, as he promised to teach her some gambling tricks. South Tin-lone and his gang followed Quick Hands to Hong Kong and a series of fights ensued...

Mahjong Horoki 1984

A mahjong neophyte loses everything to game master only to hone his skills, take on all challenges and plan for an ultimate revenge match.

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