The Shadow Play 1992

Mahmut and Abidin work as comedians at a night club, Mahmut is honest yet Abidin is sly. Sulo brings a deaf and dumb girl named Kumru, to working the night club, but the club owner sends her away, she in he sees that Kumru is deaf and dumb. Mahmut wants to help her and brings her to their house. She starts living with them. Kumru starts selling cigarettes and flowers in the club. Mahmut sees a picture in her hand and understands that she is looking for her mother. He decides to help her and finds out that the mother is in prison. Abidin and Mahmut fight for Kumru and Abidin starts to work in a different club with a different partner. Yet Abidin is very sad and decides to commit suicide, but Mahmut saves him. They start working together again.

Crab Play 2009

Yengeç Oyunu (Crab Play) tells the story of women from a small city, trying to survive. Asya (Ayça İnci) who is a History assistant professor at Istanbul University moves to a town taking her 5-year old daughter İpek, hoping to build a new life. in a little while Asya finds a job at the University and finds herself in an unusual project along her students. A project that will change their life. While investigating old Ottoman documents, they discover a murder case which grabs their attention. At the time seen as an honor killing the suspect has been acquitted. While Asya and her students investigate and find various aspects of this murder, they fight with their own demons as well as those of Turkish society.

The Game of Love 1935

The film is about 3 friends falling in love with a girl. One of them changes his bad character under the girl's influence.

Battle Royale 2000

In the future, the Japanese government captures a class of ninth-grade students and forces them to kill each other under the revolutionary "Battle Royale" act.

Molly's Game 2017

Molly Bloom, a young skier and former Olympic hopeful becomes a successful entrepreneur (and a target of an FBI investigation) when she establishes a high-stakes, international poker game.

Game of Death 2010

CIA agent Marcus is sent undercover to Detroit to take out an arms dealer and the head of the hedge fund that is financing him. His CIA backup has other plans and turns on him, and it's a fight to survive in a hospital and into the hedge fund vault.

Mafia: Survival Game 2016

A twist on the classic game of Mafia. 12 competitors take part in a game of life and death where the innocent must take out the Mafia in order to win the cash prize. Those that are voted out must face their biggest fears in a computer simulation.

Stay Alive 2006

After the mysterious, brutal death of an old friend, a group of teenagers find themselves in possession of "Stay Alive," an ultra-realistic 3-D videogame based on the spine-chilling true story of a 17th century noblewoman, known as "The Blood Countess." The gamers don't know anything about the game other than they're not supposed to have it... and they're dying to play it. Not able to resist temptation, the kids begin to play the grisly game but soon make a chilling connection -- they are each being murdered one-by-one in the same way as the characters they played in the game. As the line between the game world and the real world disappears, the teens must find a way to defeat the vicious and merciless Blood Countess, all the while trying to... stay alive.

Circle: I'm Giving the Game Away 2017

A special team is established for resolve mysterious, different and unsolved files around the country. Expert profiler Captain Barış (Barış Bağcı) experienced and funny Commissioner Adem (Serhat Kılıç), new Deputy Inspector Ayşe (Pelin Akil Altan) who understand people for their mood and movements when they was lying, and IT specialist Sergeant Volkan (Anıl Altan) come together for resolve a homicide of a young woman. But the team finds themselves in a game.

5150 Elm's Way 2009

5150 ELM'S WAY is located at the end of a quiet street in a small town. When Yannick fell off his bike, he knocked at the door of the Beaulieu residence so he could clean the blood off his hands. But Jack Beaulieu and his family had other plans for Ian. Beaulieu is a righteous psychopath and fanatic chess player who wants to rid the world of evil. And even though Ian has done nothing wrong, he is beaten, tortured and tormented before Beaulieu makes him an offer: win at chess and he is free to go. And so Ian is now a pawn in Beaulieu 's game. A game in which he will either lose his mind or his life.

Coogan's Bluff 1968

Coogan (Clint Eastwood) an Arizona deputy sheriff goes to New York to pick up a prisoner. While escorting the prisoner to the airport he escapes and Coogan heads into the City to recapture him.

Killers 2014

Mr. Nomura is an eerily handsome, sharply dressed, sociopathic serial killer who preys on the women of Tokyo. In Jakarta, a world-weary journalist named Bayu finds himself unexpectedly falling into vigilantism after brutally killing two sadistic robbers. When each posts videos of their violent sprees online, the pair find one another on the Internet and begin a toxic and competitive duel. While Bayu clings to the hope that he can resume a normal life, Nomura continues to spill blood without remorse. Killing, advises Nomura, is something everyone ought to consider.

Geri's Game 1997

An aging codger named Geri plays a daylong game of chess in the park against himself. Somehow, he begins losing to his livelier opponent. But just when the game's nearly over, Geri manages to turn the tables.

Evil Under the Sun 1982

Trying to find how a millionaire wound up with a phony diamond brings Hercule Poirot to an exclusive island resort frequented by the rich and famous. When a murder is committed, everyone has an alibi.

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