Diaries of the Cheating Hearts 2012

Diaries of the Cheating hearts depicts the lives of four women, their love life and their career. Basically, the ups and downs of their lives. But these kind of women makes them more beautiful because their married lives gives them a totally new dimension, feelings and experiences.

The Cheaters 2001

Five youngsters, each possesses unique talent, work together as a professional tricky group. Knowing that a big trickster "King of Ghost" joins a billionaire’s corporation planning to take over the immense properties, they join the corporation respectively in order to get some benefits. One of them is killed. They swear to take revenge at all cost. In the critical moment, they discover a betrayer among them...

Cheaters 2007

Seok-ho, a self-styled playboy with a beautiful wife, is fooling around with Ji-yeon, a voluptuous photographer, but pines for Chae-young, a college student who appears to be the most virtuous girl in all of Korea. But it turns out that Chae-young, who frustrates her suitor at every turn, is not so chaste after all. The plot thickens as Seok-ho's best friend Young-su, outwardly awkward and shy, sets his sights on Ji-yeon, not realizing that she is already involved with his best buddy.

Cheating in Chains 2006

Olímpia loves her bosses, Inês and Eduardo. Eduardo loves Inês, his wife, who loves Eduardo, her husband. Inês is a friend of Lígia´s, who loves her husband Cristiano. Cristiano loves Lígia, his wife. Vera loves Cláudio, her husband, who doesnt love Vera. Inês thinks that Eduardo is having an affair with Salete, Cristiano thinks that Lígia is having an affair with Ricco, Vera thinks that Cláudio has an affair with Inês and Eduardo thinks that Inês has an affair with Cláudio. The action takes place in a middle class condo where Olímpia, a clumsy maid, carries out the most unbelievable confusions, making everybody believes that love is a game in which one always cheats.

Szuler 1994

The year is 1750. Europe is in a ravaged state following a plague. Victor Moritz and Rufolf de Sevre are gamblers, frequenters of elegant casinos and fashionable brothels. Rudolf is a young aristocrat, charming and charismatic. His degenerate behavior has an animal intensity. Victor, though leading the life of libertine, remains to one side. He is a man of a refined taste despite his low birth and buys his noble title thanks to his gambling skills. Victor and Rudolf have been inseparable friends for years. Then two young, beautiful and innocent people - a brother and sister - enter their life...

Ghesh El-Zawgeya 2012

Hazem is a spoilt young man and a womaniser who takes advantage of his father's wealth to know more and more girls and stays away of commitment. When his father discovers what Hazem is doing, he starts to look for an appropriate wife for his son. Salma, is the lucky candidate who is desperately trying to change her husband's behaviour.

Cheaters' Club 2006

A controversial therapist assembles a group of discontented wives and prescribes using adultery as a way to save their failing marriages. As if that weren't bizarre enough, there also happens to be a stalker who has more-deadly plans for this group of women! Sneak a peek into this psychological thriller full of twists and surprises.

La Triche 1984

In the docks of Bordeaux a well-known homosexual was murdered. Police Inspector Michel Verta starts investigating, when he falls in love with Bernard, a handsome young musician. This not only threatens his family life but also his integrity, for he is married with a child and Bernard is one of the murder suspects.

Gambling City 1975

Luca Altieri is a gambler. He likes cards and he is a master in playing poker. He is a cardsharper too. He begins working for "The President", who has many gambling houses and everything seems to go well until Luca falls for Maria Luisa. Unfortunately for them, she is the girl of Corrado, the son of "The President"...

The Cheaters Club 2014

Samantha, Trina and Rain are three sexy friends who form "The Cheater's Club", an agency designed to help women expose their men, who have been accused of cheating and encourage the men through unconventional methods to change their adulterous ways. Olive, played by Eva Marcille, runs the agency while the ladies execute the operation and set the traps for the un-expecting men! The ladies use their feminine wiles to expose the cheaters at almost any costs. Women hire them to answer that nagging question, "Is my man cheating"? Eventually the ladies decide to take things up a notch by kidnapping, imprisoning and torturing the men into forcing confessions. Samantha, the leader of the group, takes things too far and as she flashes back to her own personal pain and ultimately someone pays a price for their action that changes everyone forever.

Your Cheatin' Heart 1990

In this fondly remembered mini series John Byrne, creator of Tutti Frutti, explores the country music scene in an unsentimental portrait of Glaswegian life and culture. Local food and wine correspondent Frank McClusky falls in love with waitress Cissie Crouch. Unfortunately for him, she’s the wife of a convict, who is serving time for a crime he didn’t commit. As Frank’s life becomes more embroiled with Cissie’s he goes on a mission to track down the guilty men.

Cheating 1952

This public-school educational film warns of the dangers of cheating. John Taylor is struggling with his algebra course, and convinces his friend Mary to show him her answers during the tests. But when he is caught, his reputation among his fellow students, along with his student-council seat, is put in jeopardy.

The Children Who Cheated the Nazis 2000

A documentary about the decisions parents made in evacuating their children out of harm's way (the Nazis), and being forced to stay behind, the parents realize that this may possibly be the last time they will see their loved ones.

The Lovable Cheat 1949

Posing as a wealthy Parisian, Mercadet fleeces friends and casual acquaintances alike. He is forced into this life of crime to keep up appearances, so that his daughter Julie can land herself a rich husband.

The Cheaters 1958

Bob Letellier, a good looking rich kid who studies science, makes the acquaintance of Alain, a cynical and immoral young man. The latter introduces him to the existentialist circles of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Bob is invited to a party and becomes Clo's lover, a rich heiress.

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