La Habanera 1937

Astrée and her aunt from Sweden are vacationing in Puerto Rico. Astrée is enchanted by the local habanera musicas well as by Don Pedro de Avila, a rich and powerful landowner. Upon embarkation, she spontaneously decides to stay; she runs down the gangway, finds him waiting for her, and soon is married. Ten years later - it is now 1937 - Astrée finds herself trapped in an unhappy marriage. Her paradise has turned to hell; only her son, Juan, is the reason for her to stay. Meanwhile in Stockholm, Dr. Sven Nagel, a former lover of Astrée, and his associate, Dr. Gomez, bid farewell. They are departing for Puerto Rico to investigate the mysterious and deadly Puerto Rico fever. On the island, their arrival is met with dismay by Don Pedro and his business associates as they fear the focus on the Puerto Rico fever will depress their business; so they plan to deny its existence.

The Lovable Cheat 1949

Posing as a wealthy Parisian, Mercadet fleeces friends and casual acquaintances alike. He is forced into this life of crime to keep up appearances, so that his daughter Julie can land herself a rich husband.

Cheat Mode: The Unbelievably Mind Melting Making of Detention 2012

Cast and crew cover a wide array of topics, supported by a wealth of picture-in-picture video interview and rehearsal clips, still photographs that move around the screen, raw film footage, and more. We hear from co-writer/co-producer Mark Palermo, director/co-writer Joseph Kahn, composers Brain and Melissa, stunt coordinator/fight choreographer Don Theerathada, and actors Alison Woods, Shanley Caswell, Aaron David Johnson, Josh Breeding, Josh Hutcherson, Spencer Locke, Tiffany Boone, Dane Cook, Marque Richardson II, James Black, Jonathan Park, Yves Bright, Walter Perez, and Erica Shaffer. The comments cover aspects of the story and characters, cast/performances, themes and influences, sets, locations and production design, stunts and various effects, music, pacing and style, and some other filmmaking notes.

The Cheaters 1958

Bob Letellier, a good looking rich kid who studies science, makes the acquaintance of Alain, a cynical and immoral young man. The latter introduces him to the existentialist circles of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Bob is invited to a party and becomes Clo's lover, a rich heiress.

The Beautiful Cheat 1945

The title character, played by Bonita Granville, is the secretary at a boys' reformatory. Sociology professor Noah Beery Jr. shows up to study the juvenile-delinquent mindset. Not surprisingly, he ends up taking a post-grad course in amour from the winsome Ms. Granville.

Cheaters 2012

Cheaters: A seductive romance about husband and wife Greg & Shawnda, who after six years of marriage find themselves straying outside their union. Shawnda discovers that she has feelings for a woman, and dives into a world of sex, lies, and confusion. Believing that she has mastered living a double life, she fails to realize that Greg has also found someone else. Sensing that the relationship between Greg and Shawnda isn t going as planned, Shawnda s sister Sammy flies to Los Angeles to offer some guidance. Once there, Sammy manages to bring Greg and Shawnda back together but just as things start to look up, the couple discovers that they ve been sleeping with the same woman! Is their love strong enough to overcome any obstacle?

Time and Again 2007

When Anna Malone finds an old music box hidden in a house she is renovating, she has no idea the joys, sorrows, and hidden dangers it will bring.

The Cheat 1923

After losing money she embezzled, a socialite borrows cash from a foreign "prince" who expects sexual favors in return.

David Bailey: Four Beats to the Bar and No Cheating 2010

From Vogue magazine fashion photographer to filmmaker, painter and sculptor, Bailey is the working-class Londoner who befriended the stars, married his muses (Jean Shrimpton, Catherine Deneuve, Marie Helvin) and captures the spirit and elegance of his times with his refreshingly simple approach and razor-sharp eye. He is also the man whose life and work inspired one of the cult movies of the sixties, Michelangelo Antonioni's Blow-Up, and who has constantly travelled the globe either with the most beautiful models or chronicling the contemporary reality of Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Vietnam, Afghanistan and other countries with ground-breaking reportages. Above all, Bailey is a romantic with a delightful sense of humour approaching his 73rd year and showing no sign of slowing up. Director Jérôme de Missolz has created an engaging portrait of this very private man who bared the soul of the swinging sixties and seventies with his photographs and films.

Trick or Cheat 1966

The Grand Wizard arrives to see Stanley the Sorcerer perform one successful spell. Honey and Fraidy Bat help him fool the Wizard.

Little Monsters 3D 2013

Little Monsters presents some of the animal kingdom’s strangest survival strategies: poison dart frogs, chameleons, praying mantises and scorpions, to name but a few. Thanks to 3D visualization, large audiences can experience a chameleon thrusting out its tongue at close range, rattle- snakes striking at their targets to within fractions of an inch, praying mantises hunting and hummingbirds feeding, filmed from inside the flower! And with its ingenious combination of slow-motion 3D and timelapse 3D, “Little Monsters” even improves upon state of the art 3D for greater impact, yielding unbelievable scenes the world has never seen and “felt” before.

Diary Of A Cheating Woman

Diary of a Cheating Woman review This film is a hilarious African-American docudrama that explores the taboo subject of women who reveal their intimate secrets and reasons for infidelity. Diary of a Cheating Woman DVD Women rarely get caught - but they reveal all in this hot documentary!

How to Cheat in the Leaving Certificate 1998

"How to cheat the Leaving Certificate?" : a question posed by thousands of students every year in Ireland. A group of pupils set up an elaborate master-plan to beat the system and top the points race.

I Cheated the Law 1949

An attorney (Tom Conway) learns he was duped into being his gangster murder client's (Steve Brodie) alibi.

Cheating Death 2005

Gyasi Ferdinand was a successful crack dealer in Toronto, known as J9 for his 9mm pistol. Then he got shot. For Gyasi to live, J9 has to die. An intimate look at the world of drugs, gangs and guns.

Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story 2004

Born into Mexico's first family of sports-entertainment, Eddie Guerrero's career choice was only natural. In the ring, Eddie was unbeatable. He was part of the most popular tag team in Mexico. Fans worldwide were captivated with his high-flying style. Soon, he moved to Japan and experienced similar success. After returning to the United States, Eddie faced a challenge he was not prepared for - addiction. Surviving a car accident that almost killed him, Eddie felt he was bulletproof, resulting in reckless behavior that put his life, career and marriage in jeopardy. Then it all fell apart. The true test of any man is how he handles adversity. In one of the most inspiring stories in the history of sports-entertainment, Eddie Guerrero not only regained his life, he surpassed his wildest dreams. This is his story.

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