Your Cheatin' Heart 1990

In this fondly remembered mini series John Byrne, creator of Tutti Frutti, explores the country music scene in an unsentimental portrait of Glaswegian life and culture. Local food and wine correspondent Frank McClusky falls in love with waitress Cissie Crouch. Unfortunately for him, she’s the wife of a convict, who is serving time for a crime he didn’t commit. As Frank’s life becomes more embroiled with Cissie’s he goes on a mission to track down the guilty men.

I Cheated the Law 1949

An attorney (Tom Conway) learns he was duped into being his gangster murder client's (Steve Brodie) alibi.

Cheaters at Play 1932

Modest picture centering on a blunderous jewel heist aboard an ocean liner.

The Cheaters Club 2014

Samantha, Trina and Rain are three sexy friends who form "The Cheater's Club", an agency designed to help women expose their men, who have been accused of cheating and encourage the men through unconventional methods to change their adulterous ways. Olive, played by Eva Marcille, runs the agency while the ladies execute the operation and set the traps for the un-expecting men! The ladies use their feminine wiles to expose the cheaters at almost any costs. Women hire them to answer that nagging question, "Is my man cheating"? Eventually the ladies decide to take things up a notch by kidnapping, imprisoning and torturing the men into forcing confessions. Samantha, the leader of the group, takes things too far and as she flashes back to her own personal pain and ultimately someone pays a price for their action that changes everyone forever.

Cheating the Piper 1920

When the New Monia station is overrun with mice, Mr. Givney can only shoot them one at a time, but Jerry uses a flute to lure them out, "Pied Piper of Hamlin" style.

The Cheater Reformed 1921

Thomas Edinburgh is secretly in love with Carol, wife of the Reverend Luther McCall, and produces evidence that her husband was once an embezzler. Leaving for Cleveland, the minister meets his twin brother, Jordan, the real embezzler, who is evading the law. Luther is killed in a train wreck, and Jordan, assumes his brother's identity....

Clarence Cheats at Croquet 1915

Released under Thanhouser's "Falstaff" comedy brand, in this film two rival lovers face off at croquet. One wins out because of his honesty, or rather, Clarence gets it wrong because he cheats at croquet.

Diary Of A Cheating Woman

Diary of a Cheating Woman review This film is a hilarious African-American docudrama that explores the taboo subject of women who reveal their intimate secrets and reasons for infidelity. Diary of a Cheating Woman DVD Women rarely get caught - but they reveal all in this hot documentary!

The Cheaters 2001

Five youngsters, each possesses unique talent, work together as a professional tricky group. Knowing that a big trickster "King of Ghost" joins a billionaire’s corporation planning to take over the immense properties, they join the corporation respectively in order to get some benefits. One of them is killed. They swear to take revenge at all cost. In the critical moment, they discover a betrayer among them...

Szuler 1994

The year is 1750. Europe is in a ravaged state following a plague. Victor Moritz and Rufolf de Sevre are gamblers, frequenters of elegant casinos and fashionable brothels. Rudolf is a young aristocrat, charming and charismatic. His degenerate behavior has an animal intensity. Victor, though leading the life of libertine, remains to one side. He is a man of a refined taste despite his low birth and buys his noble title thanks to his gambling skills. Victor and Rudolf have been inseparable friends for years. Then two young, beautiful and innocent people - a brother and sister - enter their life...

The Children Who Cheated the Nazis 2000

A documentary about the decisions parents made in evacuating their children out of harm's way (the Nazis), and being forced to stay behind, the parents realize that this may possibly be the last time they will see their loved ones.

Diaries of the Cheating Hearts 2012

Diaries of the Cheating hearts depicts the lives of four women, their love life and their career. Basically, the ups and downs of their lives. But these kind of women makes them more beautiful because their married lives gives them a totally new dimension, feelings and experiences.

3-2-1 Penguins: The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka 2001

Foul play is afoot on space-base Bullamanka. The conniving Lizard King has defeated the kindly Bandicoot King in a bizarre local game called "Squid-Tac-Toad!" But did he play by the rules? Michelle tries to beat the Lizard King at his own game. Can she keep the Bandicoot King - and her penguins friends - from going down the "gurgler"? What is a "gurgler," anyway? In this wild adventure filled with action, intrigue, Red-Naped Ibs and Yellow-Capped Whopper Dingys, you and your family will learn why God likes it when we play by the rules.

Mr Ghost Cheater 1987

A down-and-out scholar Atsai is so disillusioned with life that he tries to commit suicide in a dilapidated temple. At that very moment, a female ghost appears on the scene. As she is on the verge of killing him, a male ghost also shows up. The male ghost saves him, but Atsai gives him a scolding for his trouble. Then they start sharing their woes, and end up drowning their sorrow in wine. Unfortunately, the wine is drugged and Atsai dies. Forty years later, a Taoist priest meets the ghost of Atsai, who asks for his help because he is being controlled by an old demon and cannot be reborn.

No Cheating, Darling 1973

For some time now, the residents of the placid little village of Sonnenthal talk only about one topic: Football! The ambitious mayor wants to promote the Sonnenthal team to the district league at any price because this success would also boost his own popularity. But he did not expect the resistance of the new head of school, Barbara, who is heavily annoyed by the one-sided focus. To bring Sonnenthal′s men and the mayor in particular to their senses, Barbara sets up a women′s football team that soon turns out to be a serious competition for the men′s team.

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