Remember the Titans 2000

After leading his football team to 15 winning seasons, coach Bill Yoast is demoted and replaced by Herman Boone – tough, opinionated and as different from the beloved Yoast as he could be. The two men learn to overcome their differences and turn a group of hostile young men into champions.

Setinggan 1981

The inhabitants of a squatter settlement in Kuala Lumpur are haunted by the souls of Japanese soldiers perished during World War II.

Setil 2015

A study on the uninhabited area of the old railway workers’ district of the village of Setil. The limits in the construction of their history lead us on this journey through the geography of Setil, leaving language behind and plunging into the primary elements. We seek an image of evocation, but also the very construction of the image of the space.

Loyal Dandan 1959

The story tells a tale of a God who lives in a kingdom among the clouds who is at war due to the kingdoms fighting over the ownership of his daughter. To settle the problem the God placed a spell on his daughter transforming her into a Pau fruit and to be thrown on earth. As it landed in the seas it was swept a shore and was found by the maids of a queen who ate the fruit. She was found to be pregnant not long afterwards.

Stepping on the Flying Grass 2012

A group of village school children talk about their dearest wishes. Since they’ve all been asked to write an essay about the topic they begin to think seriously about their dreams.

The Seventh Sign 1988

Abby is a pregnant woman with a curious new boarder in the apartment over her garage. Turns out he's heaven-sent and is speeding along the Apocalypse by bloodying rivers, egging on plagues and following scripture word for word.

The Seventh Continent 1989

Chronicles three years of a middle class family seemingly caught up in their daily routines, only troubled by minor incidents. Behind their apparent calm and repetitive existence however, they are actually planning something sinister.

Seventh Son 2014

John Gregory, who is a seventh son of a seventh son and also the local spook, has protected the country from witches, boggarts, ghouls and all manner of things that go bump in the night. However John is not young anymore, and has been seeking an apprentice to carry on his trade. Most have failed to survive. The last hope is a young farmer's son named Thomas Ward. Will he survive the training to become the spook that so many others couldn't?

The 7th Floor 2013

Like every day, Marcelo gathers her children on the floor of his ex-wife. As each day play "to see who gets there first" them down the stairs, him in the elevator, a diversion that your ex-partner does not like. But when one day Marcelo plays the downstairs children are not. They are not anywhere. The fear begins to emerge when a phone call will catapult the horror: a kidnapper puts a price for the release of their children

The Seventh Seal 1957

When disillusioned Swedish knight Antonius Block returns home from the Crusades to find his country in the grips of the Black Death, he challenges Death to a chess match for his life. Tormented by the belief that God does not exist, Block sets off on a journey, meeting up with traveling players Jof and his wife, Mia, and becoming determined to evade Death long enough to commit one redemptive act while he still lives.

Darkness 2002

A teenage girl moves into a remote countryside house with her family, only to discover that their gloomy new home has a horrifying past that threatens to destroy the family.

The Seventh Victim 1943

A young woman searches for her missing sister who, unknown to her, has become involved with a group of Satan worshippers in Greenwich Village.

Seventh Moon 2008

Melissa and Yul, Americans honeymooning in China, come across the exotic 'Hungry Ghost' festival. When night falls, the couple end up in a remote village, and soon realize the legend is all too real. Plunged into an ancient custom they cannot comprehend, the couple must find a way to survive the night of the Seventh Moon.

7th Heaven 1927

A dejected Parisian sewer worker feels his prayers have been answered when he falls in love with a street waif.

The Maid 2005

Alone for the first time and away from her family in rural Philippines, Rosa Dimaano arrives in the cosmopolitan city state of Singapore to work as a maid. Her employers Mr and Mrs Teo runs a Chinese Teochew dialect opera troupe takes well to their new domestic help. So do their mentally disabled son, Ah Soon. In Chinese superstition, the seventh month of the lunar calendar is regarded as the month when the gates of hell open for forsaken spirits to walk the earth for 30 days. Unknown to Rosa, she arrives on the eve and her hell is about to begin.

O Sétimo Guardião 2018

At first glance, Serro Azul may seem like just another typical inland town, quiet and surrounded by mountains, where technological advances such as internet and cell phones have not yet arrived. A place where anyone who passes does not pay much attention, not knowing what is missing, after all, a city that is near Greenville and Tubiacanga could not fail to have its peculiarities. The main one is a source with curative and rejuvenating properties, which is the outermost part of a gigantic aquifer, a huge reservoir of what is becoming the most precious possession of the Earth: water. This source is protected by seven guardians whose mission is to ensure that this wealth does not reach the wrong hands.

7th Heaven 1996

7th Heaven is an American family drama television series, created and produced by Brenda Hampton. The series premiered on August 26, 1996, on The WB, the first time that the network aired Monday night programming, and was originally broadcast from August 26, 1996 to May 13, 2007. The series finale was scheduled for May 8, 2006; however, the show was renewed by The CW when the intended final episode received high ratings. The final season premiered on Monday, September 25, 2006 and ended on May 13, 2007. 7th Heaven is the longest-running series that has ever aired on The WB and is the longest-running family drama in television history. It is also the longest-running show produced by Aaron Spelling. Dan Foliart composed the theme song "7th Heaven", which is performed by Steve Plunkett in the introduction of each episode.

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