A Primer in Sky Socialism 2013

Each new year Flo and I join the young and many-languaged crowd walking to the top of Brooklyn Bridge ostensibly for the fireworks. Fact is the crowd, the bridge, comprise the spectacle. The Bridge is particularly dear to us since the 'Sixties, when we learned the story of the Roeblings, father and son and daughter-in-law. The Bridge embodies their wishes for America, their blessing, nothing less. I filmed (on 8mm.) The Sky Socialist back then and this is a follow-up.

Essentials of Dog Behavior: Socialization 2014

World-renowned dog behavior expert Cesar Millan takes us through four different scenarios - the home, the walk, the office, and the dog park - to learn how to properly address and correct unwanted behavior. Learn what dog socialization is, and why it is an important component to achieving balance and harmony with your dog.

Eugene V. Debs: Trade Unionist, Socialist, and Revolutionary 1979

Trade unionist Eugene V. Debs was a major organizer of the American Railway Union and the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). A socialist political leader, he received almost one million votes in his campaign for President of the United States in 1916, even while he was imprisoned for his opposition to World War I. Summarizing his own philosophy, he told his sentencing judge, “…Years ago I recognized my kinship with all living things…while there is a lower class I am in it, while there is a criminal element, I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.” A young Bernard (Bernie) Sanders wrote and directed this spoken word release about Debs’ legacy in 1979, as part of his work for the American People’s Historical Society. Shortly thereafter, he began his own political career, which would take him from the mayor’s office of Burlington, Vermont, in 1981, to the U.S. Senate in 2006.

American Socialist: The Life and Times of Eugene Victor Debs 2018

The historic story of Eugene Victor Debs, an American Socialist leader and union organizer during the Progressive era, 1900 to 192, who ran for US President on the Socialist Party ticket (SPA) five times, even once while he was in prison for speaking out against the US involvement in World War 1.

The Socialist, the Architect and the Twisted Tower 2007

A dramatic, behind-the-scene-story about the building of Santiago Calatravas Turning Torso in Malmö. A 190 meter high, twisted residential building which was appointed "worlds best residential building project" at Mipim in Cannes, 2005.

Post-Socialism + Retro Avantgarde + Irwin 1997

After the fall of the Berlin wall, much changed in Yugoslavia, that is now ex-Yugoslavia; a post industrial, post modern, post national, post colonial, post structural society, that can be perhaps summarized in the concept of post socialism? The disintegration of the concept of ideology means that notions are no longer clear. Because we think that we are outside an ideological context, but perhaps we ourselves are the centre of the ideology. It is this idea that corresponds with the thoughts about post socialism in the nineties, and probably the post ideological society of late capitalism as well. The end of the ideological period then perhaps seems imminent. These thoughts are considered in this philosophical media reflection, based on documentary fragments, statements by Peter Weibel and Slavoj Zizek and the works of three artists: Mladen Stilinovic (Zagreb), "Kasimir Malevich" (pseudonym, Belgrade) and IRWIN (Ljubljana).

Changing 1971

After adopting a hippie lifestyle, a man finds his home life enhanced while becoming isolated at work.

Black Sun: The Mythological Background of National Socialism 1998

A historical analysis of how groups such as the Nazi’s may use language, symbols, and religious connotation in order to come to power. It raises questions that deserve in depth analysis and consideration. Questions include: Where do legends expand our thinking and where do they bury it? When does spiritual pursuit suddenly turn into fanaticism and violence? Last, have we as a society learned from our past, and if so have forgotten the lessons of the 20th Century? Are we now embarking on a new level only to learn the same old lessons about humanity again? In addressing these questions we are taken into the back drop of the history of Germany beginning in the late 1800’s through the late 20th Century at the eve of the 21st. “A society that does not take archetypes, myths, and symbols seriously will possibly be jumped by them from behind.”

No Greater Sin 1941

The dangers of the dread venereal disease syphilis are depicted in this earnest drama from the 1940s. The story centers upon an intrepid health commissioner who is out to get rid of the tawdry hookers responsible for spreading the disease.

Socialphobia 2015

A woman is attacked by Internet users after posting provocative remarks online. Using her personal information, they go to her place but what they find is her body; she took her own life. Who made her kill herself? Or, was she killed by someone else?

Joey Coco Diaz: Sociably UnAcceptable 2016

Take a wild comedy ride through Uncle Joey's eyes as he shares his hilarious outlook on life. There's no topic he's afraid to tackle as he takes you through his crazy world discussing everything from drugs to raising his daughter.

A Society Sensation 1918

A wealthy society playboy falls in love with the daughter of a poor fisherman. After Valentino shot to fame, A Society Sensation was cut down to a meek 24 minutes so the lead would be in every scene. Title cards tried to make up for the lost scenes.

Fear of Disclosure 1989

“People had been talking about the problems of maintaining a strong and vibrant sexuality during the AIDS crisis and the difficulties of relations between HIV-negative and HIV-positive men, but Fear of Disclosure was the first film to deal with those issues. And Phil [Zwickler] did it in his typical fashion—confronting it head on and resolutely exposing his own vulnerabilities. The image may be more David Wojnarowicz, but the spirit of the piece is pure Phil.” —Jim Hubbard

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