Goodbye Berlin 2016

Mike (14) is a kind of loner: no friends, no hobbies, no girlfriend! That is until he meets Tschick (14), who's new in school, looks like he's been in a lot of fights and has a tendency to be drunk. At the beginning of the summer break, Tschick shows up at Mike's door with a stolen car and together they start on the adventure of their lifetime: no parents, no maps, no plan - but definitely a lot of fun.

Und Tschüss 1993

Young lovers dance in a circle at the station.

Dr Tscharniblues 1979

Bern, 1979: a tower block called Tscharnergut. A group of friends get together to make a film about their experiences growing up in suburban Switzerland.

Tscharniblues II 2019

Bern, 1979: a tower block called Tscharnergut. Together with a few friends (among them famous Swiss actor Stefan Kurt), director Aron Nick's father and uncle shoot the idealistic Super 8 film "Dr Tscharniblues" ("The Tscharni Blues") – a wild, unvarnished self-portrait of their generation. 40 years later, Nick gathers the friends at Tscharnergut and asks what has happened to them and their ideals in the meantime. What have the achieved? What have they lost? Past, present, and future clash and form a journey of personal disappointments, hopes, and a collective search for identity. In "Tscharniblues II," Aron Nick discovers a kind of friendship that can weather anything.

34/76: Tschibo 1976

This film shows, with the use of single-frames, Kren's diary-like notes from 1968 to 1976, especially his entries about the work on the three previous films. At the very end a fragment of a failed first attempt of Keine Donau (No Danube) is shown. The coffee company can also be seen, which has given the film its name.

Chetan, Indian Boy 1976

The western film that was filmed in Bavaria is located in the Montana Mountains. At the end of the 19th century, an Indian Boy called Tschetan meets the shepherd Alaska in the Montana Mountains. Alaska prevents him from being hanged as a cattle thief but from then on engages him as a deputy shepherd and forces him to do hard work. But when they have to fight against a powerful stock farmer together, they eventually become friends.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 1968

An eccentric professor invents wacky machinery, but can't seem to make ends meet. When he invents a revolutionary car, a foreign government becomes interested in it, and resorts to skulduggery to get their hands on it.

Chapayev 1934

This film is based on the book about Vasili Ivanovich Chapaev (1887 - 1919) who was in real life the Commander of the 25th Division of the Red Army. Chapaev is an uneducated peasant and a decorated hero in the World War I and later in the Russian Civil War, that followed the Russian revolution. This man of action is fighting on the side of the poor people. His troops consist of peasants, just like him. Unable to write, he can brilliantly demonstrate various battle tactics by moving potatoes on the table. He is street smart. He never lost a battle against the experienced Generals of the Tzar's Army.

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