Cheat 2011

With the help of his friends, an average schmuck tries pull off the near-impossible task of cheating on his girlfriend without her finding out.

The Cheat 1950

The life of a weak-willed man is thrust into a downward spiral by the scheming of his manipulative girlfriend and her mother.

The Cheat 1931

Love, lust, possession, money, social standing, and addiction. Elsa Carlyle is impulsive and a gambler; though loved by her husband Jeff, she's spoiled and selfish, concerned with social standing. Meanwhile, Jeff wants to keep a lid on spending while he completes business deals that could make them rich. One night, on a hunch, she bets and loses big at a casino, then she doubles her problems with more impulsive decisions. Hardy Livingston, a wealthy Casanova just back from the Orient, makes a play for her. Elsa dallies with Hardy, but soon, his insistence and her dire financial affairs seem destined to lead to adultery. Who's the cheat?

Let's Cheat Together 2018

Sleuth Cheng, host of a popular variety show, was found wounded and trapped in a tetrapod at the shore, while a video of him kissing the mayor’s wife went viral and caused media frenzy. As Cheng’s girlfriend angrily confronts him, he reveals details that may turn a secret love affair into a political mega storm.

The Cheat 1915

A venal, spoiled stockbroker's wife impulsively embezzles $10,000 from the charity she chairs and desperately turns to a Burmese ivory trader to replace the stolen money.

Love, Cheat & Steal 1993

The beautiful Lauren gets married with an older man. She is unexpectedly confronted with her ex, an escaped criminal.

Blond Cheat 1938

Socially prominent Michael Ashburn, chief assistant for a London loan broker makes a large loan at closing time to a man for a pair of earrings. He is unaware that the collateral can not be removed from the ears in which they reside, so the beautiful Julie becomes part of the collateral.

The Cheat 1923

After losing money she embezzled, a socialite borrows cash from a foreign "prince" who expects sexual favors in return.

The Story of a Cheat 1936

Life story of a charming scoundrel, with little dialogue other than the star/director's witty narration. As a boy, only he survives a family tragedy when he's deprived of supper (poisonous mushrooms!) for stealing...concluding that dishonesty pays. Through years of dabbling in crime and amusing adventures, two women appear and reappear in his life, a dazzling blonde jewel thief and a stunning brunette gambler. Finally, he meets the mysterious Charbonnier who had saved his life in World War I, leading to the surprising next phase in his career...

When Husbands Cheat 1998

After a woman helps prove her brother-in-law is cheating, she begins to work as a private investigator, but when she starts to suspect her husband is having an affair, she has to decide if she should follow her instincts or chalk it up to paranoia.

Trick or Cheat

Directed by Oxide Pang Chun, a school is trying to sabotage a student group's efforts to put on a musical dance number, citing their atrocious grades. The group's leaders must lead everyone to the promised land of academic competency via some innovative cheating methods.

The Man Who Could Cheat Death 1959

Dr. Bonner plans to live forever through periodic gland transplants from younger, healthier human victims. Bonner looks about 40; he's really 104 years old. But people are starting to get suspicious, and he may not make 200.

The Adorable Cheat 1928

The daughter of a wealthy industrialist wants to take over the company when her father retires, but the father--an old-fashioned sort who doesn't believe that "girls" belong in business--is planning on leaving the company to her wastrel playboy brother. In order to prove to her dad that she can handle the job, she disguises herself as an ordinary "working girl" and gets a job in her dad's plant. There she meets and falls in love with a clerk. She brings the young man home to meet her folks, but during the evening the family safe is robbed, and all signs point to her new boyfriend.

The Lovable Cheat 1949

Posing as a wealthy Parisian, Mercadet fleeces friends and casual acquaintances alike. He is forced into this life of crime to keep up appearances, so that his daughter Julie can land herself a rich husband.

How to Cheat 2011

A comedy centered on Beth and Mark, a couple struggling to conceive, and Mark's unexpectedly helpful affair with Louise.

The Beautiful Cheat 1945

The title character, played by Bonita Granville, is the secretary at a boys' reformatory. Sociology professor Noah Beery Jr. shows up to study the juvenile-delinquent mindset. Not surprisingly, he ends up taking a post-grad course in amour from the winsome Ms. Granville.

Trick or Cheat 1966

The Grand Wizard arrives to see Stanley the Sorcerer perform one successful spell. Honey and Fraidy Bat help him fool the Wizard.

You Can't Cheat an Honest Man 1939

Fields plays "Larsen E. Whipsnade", the owner of a shady carnival that is constantly on the run from the law. Whipsnade is struggling to keep a step ahead of foreclosure, and clearly not paying his performers, including Bergen and McCarthy, who try to coax money out of him, or in McCarthy's case, steal some outright.

How to Cheat in the Leaving Certificate 1998

"How to cheat the Leaving Certificate?" : a question posed by thousands of students every year in Ireland. A group of pupils set up an elaborate master-plan to beat the system and top the points race.

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