The Bouncer 2018

A bouncer agrees to help Interpol hunt down a crime boss so that he can regain custody of his daughter from social services.

Lukas Lukas Lukas 2017

A movie inspired by the life story of Cat Stevens (now known as Yusuf), and his struggles as a mannequin.

Lukas' Child 1993

Lukas Armand, a skull-faced movie producer, is auditioning lovely young starlets for his upcoming low-budget horror pic. The girls are delighted to learn they've been chosen to star in the film until Lukas' creepy gofers; Jason and Mad-dog kidnap the actresses, one by one and lock the terrified girls somewhere in the bowels of the film studio.

L'Homme Lukas 2017

The story of Lukas in the 21st century as he gets enraged by all the feminist movement going overboard.

Sgt Lukas 2017

Inspired by the beat movement, Lukas Kinep begins to appreciate literature and art, not forgetting the pipe of opium.

Lukas the Strange 2013

A small town in the Philippines is turned upside down by the arrival of a film crew that has everyone excited. Meanwhile, 13-year-old Lukas finds his own world overturned when he is told that his father is a tikbalang (half horse, half man). His father’s disappearance leaves Lukas to try to unravel the mystery of his own heritage and his own nature.

The Minion 1998

New York, Christmas Eve, 1999 - at the dawn of the new millennium - a subway construction crew unearths an eight hundred year old Celtic skeleton and a mysterious key. Archeologist Karen Goodleaf is called in to determine the meaning of the discovery. News of the discovery reaches a Middle East monastery where the warrior monks knowns as the Knights Templer - an ancient sect entrusted with protecting holy relics - choose their best pupil, Lukas (Dolph Lundgren) to face the diabolical threat. As Lukas races to New York, an evil Minion seizes Karen and uses its body like a parasite and host. Lukas arrives just in time to rescue Karen and despatch the Minion. The Minion takes hold of another host - revealing that it is immortal. As it cuts a path of destruction through the city, decimating a parking garage and leaving a trail of death, Karen realizes that the Minion can't be killed - but only delayed from finding a new host

Lukas by the Sea 2016

During a seemingly endless night, a young man attempts to find a real connection with whomever he encounters.

Study on Lukas in Lukas the Strange 2012

Village miracles caught on tape: images of a river that must be crossed to erase heartaches, imagined with a boy who has never experienced sorrow.

Lukas and the Aspies 2015

'Lukas & the Aspies' is a story about 12-year old Lukas. In many ways Lukas is a normal kid: He plays in a band, hangs out with his friends and fights with his kid brother. But Lukas' has also Asperger syndrome - and hence his own set of unique problems.

Brothers of the Wind 2015

The way of the eagle is to raise two chicks. The stronger is destined always to throw the weaker from the nest. Man also has his ways, often to hurt those closest to him. Lukas suffers at the hands of a father who has withdrawn since the loss of his wife. Killed whilst rescuing the infant Lukas, the boy now carries the burden of her death. Our eagle’s story begins in the nest. The first-born chick pushes his weaker brother to a certain death on the forest floor. But fate intervenes and the chick is found by Lukas. Naming him Abel, Lukas cares for the creature in secret, finding a love and companionship denied to him at home. But when the day comes to release Abel back into the wild, will Lukas find his own release into a new life?

By Way of the Stars 1992

A young boy's search for his father takes him from 19th century Prussia to the wilds of the American West.

Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver 1977

Eine Insel mit zwei Bergen, genannt Lummerland, ist die Heimat von Lukas, dem Lokomotivführer. Regiert wir Lummerland von König Alfons, dem Viertelvorzwölften. Eines Tages bringt der Briefträger ein Paket nach Lummerland. Darin befindet sich Jim Knopf. Der Junge wird bald der beste Freund von Lukas. Als auf Lummerland akuter Platzmangel ausbricht, machen sie sich gemeinsam auf die Reise, erleben spannende Abenteuer, treffen so merkwürdige Wesen wie den Scheinriesen Tur-Tur und retten schließlich die chinesische Prinzessin Li-Si aus dem Drachenland.

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