The Nutt House 1992

Two identical twins, separated since infancy, meet after 30 years causing a series of mistaken identity and crisis for all involved.

Gone Nutty 2002

Scrat tries to finish his rather large collection of acorns when things start going nutty.

The Nutty Professor 1996

Eddie Murphy stars as shy Dr. Sherman Klump, a kind, brilliant, 'calorifically challenged' genetic professor. When beautiful Carla Purty joins the university faculty, Sherman grows desperate to whittle his 400-pound frame down to size and win her heart. So, with one swig of his experimental fat-reducing serum, Sherman becomes 'Buddy Love', a fast-talking, pumped-up , plumped down Don Juan.

The Nutty Professor 1963

Jerry Lewis directed, co-wrote and starred in this riotously funny movie that set a new standard for screen comedy and inspired the hit remake. Lewis plays a timid, nearsighted chemistry teacher who discovers a magical potion that can transform him into a suave and handsome Romeo. The Jekyll and Hyde game works well enough until the concoction starts to wear off at the most embarrassing times.

Ginger Nutt's Christmas Circus 1949

Squirrel Ginger is the ringmaster for an animal circus. A parrot has snuck in using a weasel's ticket; the weasel keeps trying to enter as well, but keeps getting thrown out. The parrot heckles, and is also thrown out. The weasel prepares to clobber the parrot, but a mole pops up with a "Peace on Earth" sign which the weasel smashes on the parrot. Written by Jon Reeves

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps 2000

The hilarity begins when professor Sherman Klump finds romance with fellow DNA specialist, Denise Gaines, and discovers a brilliant formula that reverses aging. But Sherman's thin and obnoxious alter ego, Buddy Love, wants out...and a big piece of the action. And when Buddy gets loose, things get seriously nutty.

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature 2017

When the evil mayor of Oakton decides to bulldoze Liberty Park and build a dangerous amusement park in its place, Surly Squirrel and his ragtag group of animal friends need to band together to save their home, defeat the mayor, and take back the park.

Ginger Nutt's Bee-Bother 1949

Squirrel Ginger Nutt's nemeses anger a bee when they try to prevent him from bringing flowers to his girlfriend.

A Very Nutty Christmas 2018

Hard-working bakery owner Kate Holiday, has more cookie orders than she has time to fill this holiday season, and when her boyfriend suddenly breaks up with her, any shred of Christmas joy she was hanging onto, immediately disappears. After Kate hangs the last ornament on the tree and goes to bed, she awakens the next morning to a little bit of Christmas magic. She gets the surprise of her life when Chip, a handsome soldier who may or may not be the Nutcracker Prince from Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker,” appears in her living room.

The Nutty Professor 2008

To impress a beautiful girl, Harold Kelp, the grandson of professor Julius Kelp, who created a potion to transform his personality, gets his hands on his grandfather's secret elixir and unleashes his destructive alter ego, Jack.

Beware of a Holy Whore 1971

Tensions between members of a film crew build while they wait for the arrival of the director and star to arrive on location.

Grape Nutty 1949

The fox and crow are sharing grapes while the crow reads a book about a similar fox and crow sharing grapes who eventually fought it out for the last one. What a coincidence... at that moment, there is only one grape left. Both try to pretend they don't want it but each secretly tries to make off with the last grape first. They try using a fishing rod only to hook each other. The crow sneaks across in a pair of underwear but is discovered by the fox. The crow tries sleepwalking but is again discovered. After feuding with each other through the phone, they attack each other and a free-for-all ensues. Finally, the crow decides this sparring isn't worth it and insists the fox can have the last grape. The fox, now equally courteous, offers it to the crow who doesn't want it. At this point, the feuding begins anew.

Nutty News 1942

Elmer Fudd narrates a newsreel (but is never seen on screen). A hunter uses a moose call; the moose answers back using a hunter call. A barber uses an invention to startle a boy. A man uses a rear-view mirror to guard his hat while eating, but that's not all he should have guarded. In a laboratory, we see how rabbits multiply: 2x2=4, etc. Fireflies are having a blackout. An artist uses his thumb to get the proportions correct as a model is posing. A baby chick follows along as ducks take their first swim. In the South, the traffic signs read "No U-All Turns." A baseball pitcher throws a dollar across the Potomac, but it gets only halfway; his Scotty dog explains that a dollar doesn't go as far. A fox hunt: the dogs run in circles, because the lead dog is romancing the fox. A new department store is about to be built, and it's already attracted a protestor. Finally, we see a series of battleships, all in the rain except the U.S.S. California, in bright sunshine.

Nutty But Nice 1940

The stooges are singing waiters who are enlisted by a doctor to try and cheer up a little girl. It seems that the girl's father is a banker who was kidnapped with $300,000 worth of bonds. Failing to cheer up the girl, the stooges go out looking for the father and by a series of coincidences wind up in the bad guys hideout. The villains return and after a wild fight the boys free the missing man.

Nutty Pine Cabin 1942

Andy is trying to build a cabin in the peace and quiet of a primeval forest with new lumber (and the assistance of various woodland friends). The lumber twists and turns, and the cabin falls. A bunch of eager beavers are trying to build a dam. They learn that Andy has some lumber, and they come to borrow some. Andy thinks that they are cute, and, in a generous (and joking) mood, he gives a curious little beaver a piece of beaverboard. The beavers get serious, and they try to carry off all his lumber. Taking it for granted that they can have whatever building materials they can carry away, they also take apart Andy's cabin for their dam. When they steal his lumber, Andy declares war. Andy catches one or two of them, but he soon discovers that there are too many for them, and he has to resort to use of his shotgun.

The Nutt House 1989

The Nutt House is a short-lived situation comedy that aired on NBC as part of its 1989 Fall lineup.

Clutter Nutters

Clutter Nutters is a Children's TV show produced by Ricochet in 2006 for the CBBC Channel, where two contestants battle it out to win a prize and at the same time, tidy their bedrooms. There are lots of different steps to the programme:

The Nutty Squirrels Present

The Nutty Squirrels Present was an animated television series that was inspired by characters from The Nutty Squirrels. The television series was produced by Transfilm-Wylde Animation, and aired for one season on first-run syndication in the United States with over 150 five-minute episodes in 30 half-hour shows produced.

Chip 'n Dale's Nutty Tales 2017

Things are about to get a little nutty as Chip and Dale set off on adventures around Hot Dog Hills in these eight exciting shorts! The dynamic duo can’t seem to stay away from trouble as they bake up BIG muffin mayhem, set sail on a fishing trip and create a mail mishap along with other misadventures. But no matter where they end up, Chip and Dale will do whatever it takes to help their Roadster Racing friends and have a laugh along the way!

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