O Youth and Beauty! 1979

Cash Bentley and his wife Louise lead an average upper-middle-class life in suburbia, with a nice home and two fine children. But Cash grows increasingly unsettled in his life, yearning for the glories of his athletic youth and watching them fade further in the distance with accumulating age. Louise worries about him as his difficulties with mid-life pull him further away from happiness and comfort with his family.

War and Youth 1991

An auto repairman's daughter questions him about what happened to her aunt during the war, but the father remains reticent. Finally the man opens up, and the girl is able to piece together her aunt's tragic story.

The Youth and His Amulet 1961

Gen is a lonely orphan boy. His sole sense of companionship comes from an imaginary friend, the god Prince Fudo-Myo. Prince Fudo-Myo comes to the boy's rescue in times of difficulty.

Brutal Jesus and the house of wasted youth 2010

On a quiet suburban street there is a house occupied by a group of drug and alcohol fuelled teenage wasters who wreak havoc upon the local community on a daily basis, a mysterious figure has arrived at there door who intends to make them pay the ultimate price for their sins. Could this mysterious visitor be Christ himself? Punishing these young sinners with brutal acts of violence? Can anyone survive the wrath of Brutal Jesus!?

Out: Stories of Lesbian and Gay Youth 1994

Made in the early 1990s, this award-winning Canadian documentary presents the stories of gay and lesbian teenagers who have come out to their family and friends. The journeys for most were emotional and sometimes painful, but ultimately a source of strength and hope. Also included are the tales of young transvestites and street hustlers who have had to leave home because of rejection by their families. P-Flag, a support group for parents of gays is also briefly profiled.

State Of Independence: Jon Anderson And The Contemporary Youth Orchestra

Former lead singer of the rock group "Yes" shares the stage with the 112 member Cleveland Contemporary Youth Orchestra and 60 member student chorus in a mesmerizing performance that exudes joy and energy. In this once in a lifetime and inspiring performance, Jon Anderson and the youth orchestra play the songs written for "Yes" and "Jon & Vangelis" including the hits, "Owner of a Lonely Heart," "I've Seen All Good People" and "Roundabout." Shot Live in Cleveland at the famed Severance Hall Auditorium.

Styx and the Contemporary Youth Orchestra - One with Everything 2009

On May 25, 2006, the band took the stage in Cleveland for a new venture accompanied by the 115-piece Contemporary Youth Orchestra and a 60-member chorus. With a set list that combined Styx classics, new songs, and cover versions, this was a truly unique event. In 2006, Styx upped the ante on their already-epic stage presence by joining forces with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra of Cleveland. Backed by the 115-piece symphony and a 60-member choir, the rock band played incredible renditions of their hits, including "Renegade" and "Too Much Time on My Hands."

Between Two Worlds: Voices of the Elders and the Youth

The story of the Mapuche peoples' struggle to retain their Indigenous culture in the modern world of Southern Chile. It is a story that acknowledges the cultural pride of Indigenous people, as well as the challenges of immigration and assimilation. A collective vision of a people trying to preserve that which is most sacred to them: their land and culture.

Beavis and Butt-Head: Troubled Youth / Feel Our Pain 2002

Troubled youth: Avoiding teenage pitfalls isn't easy--especially for Beavis and Butt-head. In this show, you can witness the distress duo at their best ... and worst. Whether battling male hygiene and anatomy problems, faking a worker's compensation claim, encountering a substitute teacher, or simply trying to rid the house of a common fly, once again it's clear, Beavis and Butt-head are bad apples ... not bad ass. Feel our pain: See Beavis wince. See Butt-Head choke. See their agony and laugh until you ache! Watch the trouble-prone twosome suffer from their own stupidity. Witness Beavis being attacked by his own dog, Butt-head getting fried by a lightning bolt, and their teacher hurtling down a steep cliff. Enter the twisted world of MTV's Beavis and Butt-head, where one man's pain is another man's pleasure.

Magical Princess Minky Momo and the Fountain of Youth 1985

Once upon a time there was a king and a queen and they had a little girl named Princess Gigi. Gigi's royal parents told her that in order to govern their world wisely she would have to learn as much as she could about people, and the best place to do that was on Earth. Once on Earth, Gigi discovers an island with a secret garden where everyone is a child. In the garden she meets Peter who controls the fountain of youth which keeps everyone young. Together Gigi and Peter learn the importance of following their dreams as they fight to keep the power of the fountain of youth from getting in the hands of an evil organization.

The youth of '76 and the world that made them 2017

Uprize! looks at the political, social, and cultural conditions that shaped the June 1976 student uprising in South Africa, how those ideas we transformed into liberatory action, and how those actions helped shape the democratic society we live in today.

Youth without Age and Life without Death 1970

A young man's quest for a kingdom promising eternal youth and immortality. To reach his goal he must fulfill the three wishes of the Emperor's daughter, retrieve three golden objects and answer three riddles set by the Lord of Time.

Sonic Youth & The Black Keys: Live at Austin City Limits 2011 2010

ACL presents the evolution of electric guitar music with Sonic Youth and the Black Keys. Sonic Youth showcases the avant-garde rock of its latest album The Eternal, while the Black Keys highlights the classic blues rock of its recent record Brothers. Sonic Youth Setlist: No Way Sacred Trickster Anti-Orgasm What We Know 'Cross the Breeze The Black Keys Setlist: Thickfreakness I'll be Your Man Next Girl Howlin for You Tighten Up She's Long Gone I Got Mine

Let Them Know: The Story of Youth Brigade and BYO Records 2009

A lasting tribute and testament to over 25 years of BYO, Youth Brigade and the DIY spirit that has inspired and continues to inspire so many to change the world... Told through interviews and rare footage of the explosive LA punk rock scene from the 80's until now, Let Them Know: The Story of Youth Brigade and BYO Records is a full length documentary feature film that looks at the last 25 years of the influential L.A. Punk band Youth Brigade and BYO Records. This movie documents the early L.A. punk and D.I.Y. scene. Riots, harrassment from the law, amazing bands, crazy stories, and best of all, The Sterns Family's earnest desire to change the world through punk rock are captured in this moving documentary.

Captain Tsubasa Movie 05: The most powerful opponent! Holland Youth 1994

The last Captain Tsubasa movie is about the match between Japan and Holland. After the Japanese team lost two games against this apparently supreme opponent, their confidence is at its lowest point and even Hyuga, having a hurt leg, is desperate. Thus the management tries everything to convince Wakabayashi (living in Germany) and Tsubasa (living in Brazil) to come to Holland and to help them, but both deny. Only in the second half of the third game Tsubasa appears and joins the team, giving them back their confidence and strength. With Tsubasa Ozora as their captain again, the last game ends 11:1 for Japan.

Os Trapalhões e a Árvore da Juventude 1991

Didi, Dedé, Mussum (Mussum) and Zacarias are forest rangers that they work in the Amazon rain forest where they fight the action of smugglers with the aid of Juliana, a beautiful engineer. There are many funny scenes where they find the mythical source of the fountain of youth which they drink, becoming again children.

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